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From the Script: SLIDE 26 - Productivity

A CTA substudy of "Ada and C++: A Business Case Analysis" and a study performed by CelsiusTech of Sweden both analyzed programmer productivity as it relates to the programming languages used.

The CTA study found that productivity was slightly reduced on initial Ada projects, with productivity below the standard productivity level for all programming languages. However, once an organization developed strong Ada competency, Ada productivity exceeded the baseline. This learning curve effect is likely to be true for most technologies.

The CelsiusTech study differed in that it found even the initial Ada projects outperformed historical productivity data. It also showed a dramatic increase in programmer productivity when incorporating software reuse, a feature enhanced by Ada.

CelsiusTech has repeatedly said that they believe that their productivity increase is due to the synergistic combination of both reuse and Ada. They don't think that either alone would have done as well, and they can't separate the two and say that the benefits were due to one or the other.

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