• USAF Study, “Ada and C++: A Business Case Analysis,” 1991

  • - Sponsored by Lloyd K. Mosemann, SAF/AQK

  • USAF Software Technology Support Center (STSC) surveys

  • - Les Dupaix of STSC tracked software business case info since 1990
    - Monitored numerous government studies (over 100M SLOC)
    - Survey of 11 European aerospace and defense contractors, 1995

  • Institute for Defense Analyses survey
  • MITRE Software Maintenance study

  • - “Ada in the Maintenance Arena,” Schrank, Boyce & Davis, 1995

  • Other sources: NASA, IEEE, ACM, AT&T, Ada Information Clearinghouse, etc.
  • AEGIS Experience

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From the Script: SLIDE 20 - Language Studies

Language studies have been conducted by the Air Force and many other government and commercial organizations. We will undertake an analysis of comparative language productivity based on such studies.

Several of these are archived by the AdaIC: and

The USAF "Ada and C++: A Business Case Analysis" is available only in hardcopy. Contact the AdaIC for more information.

The STSC survey's cited here and in graphs on the following pages were never publicly released. Les Dupaix has collected the information and cited some of it in a past article in the STSC publication "Crosstalk" in 1995. (see for a copy of the article). The study of "numerous government studies over 100M SLOC) has not been able to be released. However, Les has agreed to provide detailed information to anyone who wants it. He may be contact at:

The IDA survey on the use of languages within DOD can be found at:

The MITRE Study was published in the 1995 Software Technology Conference sponsored by the USAF STSC. It is available on the AdaIC's Web site at: http://sw-eng.falls-