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From the Script: SLIDE 13 - Commercial Ada Use

This slide attests to Ada's commercial viability. From the transportation industry (air traffic control, commercial aircraft, and rail) to communications (communications, navigational, and scientific satellites), the use of Ada is increasing.

Ada is particularly important in commercial and non-commercial avionics. For example, over 25 different countries around the world use Ada in their air traffic control systems.

Software in Ada supports communications satellite systems in the US, Europe, and Japan. Industrial process control systems are developed in Ada. Large, complex financial management systems developed in Ada are executing successfully in commercial organizations.

What do these applications have in common? They are large (over 100K SLOC), they require high reliability, and they demand an engineering approach to software development.

Also notice the degree to which Ada has been accepted and used worldwide. Ada is not just an American technology nor a US DOD technology.