• Non-DOD Government Use
    - DOE AdaSage (200K SLOC)
    - FAA Display System Replacement (DSR) (2.3M SLOC)
    - NASA Space Station

  • Commercial Use
    - Boeing 777 (10M SLOC; 2-4M will be inherited/reused)
    - “DEC Design” tool
    - Motorola Cellular Phone
    - Nippon Communication Products (over 4M SLOC)
    - Rockwell Beech Starship (375K SLOC)
    - Rockwell Global Positioning System
    - GM Heavy Truck transmission computer
    - Volvo Automated Parts Delivery
    - Weirton Steel Automated Rolling Mill (500K SLOC)
    - Genesis Prompt Paymaster (250K SLOC)
    - Reuters NY Stock Exchange Trader program (250K SLOC)

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From the Script: SLIDE 12 - Non-DOD Ada Examples

For more examples beyond those on p20 & 21, check out the following sources:

Many of the systems described on these two pages have detailed write ups located at the above Web pages.

Additionally, the AdaIC can provide copies of a 12 minute video tape that includes interviews with many of the commercial users described here

Use of Ada in non-DOD Government programs as well as commercial enterprises is on the rise. It is increasingly the language of choice for some application domains, and software developers worldwide who are discovering its unique benefits. Ada's commercial use dominates over its military use in Europe and Asia.

Here we see some specific examples of Ada use in non-DOD applications. The FAA Display System Replacement (DSR) with 2.3M source lines of code, the Nippon Communication Products with over 4M source lines of code, and the Boeing 777 with 10M source lines of code, to point out a few, exemplify the use of Ada in larger, more complex systems.

Ada has been chosen for all Boeing 777 software, and you are probably flying on an Ada-developed system when you travel on a Boeing 747.