• Commercial viability

  • Standardization and portability
    - Ada 83 and Ada 95 are ISO standards
    - C is ANSI standard; “It will probably be years before the C++ standard is finally adopted.” H. Schildt, ANSI C++ committee,1995

  • Lifecycle Productivity
    - Training, programmer productivity, reuse, maintainability

  • Process and tools
    - High cost of Ada 83 compilers; Ada 95 GNAT is freeware
    - Added cost of C/C++ “process” to provide features inherent in Ada

  • Reliability and safety
    - Ada compiler/runtime validation
    - Ada technical features: type checking, run-time range checks, restricted pointer use, library consistency, determinism, etc

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From the Script: SLIDE 10 - Cost Factors


Factors that must be considered in determining software development lifecycle costs include:

The next slides will address how Ada affects each of these areas by showing the results of studies conducted on Ada's usage.