• C created in 1970s to support system software development
    - “Portable assembly language” - Dennis Ritchie (C co-developer)

  • Ada 83 designed to address issues related to complex systems

  • C++ added object-oriented features and some type checking to C

  • Ada 95 revision based on a decade of experience with Ada 83
    - Real-time and distribution upgrades
    - Object-oriented features
    - “Programming in the large” upgrades

  • C in widespread use in commercial industry; C++ use increasing

  • Ada 83 used predominantly in complex/real-time system market

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From the Script: SLIDE 6 - Background

Enhanced support for real-time processing
Distributed-systems capabilities
Hierarchical name space and other features for large programming efforts.
Complete support for object-oriented programming
Decimal arithmetic (which Ada 83 lacked).
Direct support for the developement of Management Information Systems.
Highly reliable for safety and critical systems
Numerous other features.