• Information Sources
    - Currie Colket (SPAWAR 332)
    - Les Dupaix (STSC/Hill AFB)
    - Michael Schrank (MITRE Corp.)
    - AEGIS Community (Various)
    - NASA, IEEE, ACM, etc.

  • Commercial Examples
    - Dr. John McCormick (SUNY)
    - Kurt Welker (USAF)
    - Ulf Olsson (CelsiusTech)
    - Dr. Stephen Zeigler (Rational)

  • Study conducted by:
    - Michael Masters (NSWCDD)
    - James Readan (NSWCDD)
    - J. Hoppel (CSC/KGO)
    - W. Wright (CSC/KGO)

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From the Script: SLIDE 5 - Sources

As you can see by this slide, the sources for information in this presentation come from a wide variety of places, spanning both DOD and private industry.