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  • Programming Languages and Lifecycle Costs
    (August 10, 1997 - 73 Slides - Script Included)
    Provides a collection of quantitative information on lifecycle cost implications of programming language use, primarily Ada versus its main competitor, C/C++.

  • Ada and Beyond: Software Policies for the Department of Defense
    (November 1, 1996 - 54 Slides)
    The National Research Council's (NRC) public briefing on the current rationales for using Ada as the standard programming language of the DoD, discussing changes software engineering has encountered over the last twenty years since the establishment of the Ada program, and the future of Ada in the DoD.

  • "Comments on Ada in Relation to C++"
    (October 25, 1996 - 38 Slides)
    Dr. Charles Engle's slide presentation comparing the Ada and C++ programming languages.

  • "Why Use Ada?"
    (February 22, 1996 - 47 Slides - Script Included)
    Dr. Charles Engle's slide presentation examining technical and business arguments for using the Ada, Ada policy issues, and applications in Ada.

  • "Published Results of Using Ada"
    (January 10, 1996 - 47 Slides)
    A "bare-bones," DRAFT presentation delivering metrics from published reports and studies on the quality, performance, maintainability, reusability, and integration/productivity of using Ada.

  • Technical Comparison of the Ada & C++ Languages
    A study by Edward Colbert evaluating the similarity and differences between Ada and C++ in their support of software engineering and system building goals, principles, and object-oriented abstractions. In Microsoft Word format.


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