sw-eng.falls-church.va.us /public/AdaIC/docs/lang_survey/lang_survey.txt/README 02 Jan 1996 The following directory contains the ASCII-formatted files for: "A Survey of Computer Programming Languages Currently Used in the Department of Defense" by Audrey A. Hook (Task Leader), Bill Brykczynski, Catherine W. McDonald, Sarah H. Nash, and Christine Youngblut. The entire ASCII version of the document may be found under the file name "ALL.txt" (109 K). Please note that each chapter is separated by a form-feed character in order to start a new page. For those who prefer to download specific chapters as opposed to the entire doucment, there are text files for each "chapter" of the document. These files should be printed in the following sequence to get a correctly-ordered document: ------------ 1. Cover.txt 9. Profile.txt 2. Preface.txt 10. Findings.txt 3. reportTOC.txt 11. Conclusions.txt 4. reportLOF.txt 12. Recommendations.txt 5. reportLOT.txt 13. App-Instruments.txt 6. summary.txt 14. App-Data.txt 7. Introduction.txt 15. References.txt 8. Method.txt 16. Acronyms.txt ------------- Most of the tables have been reworked by hand to make them readable and no attempt has been made to recreate the graphical figures. The translation and rehashing from Framemaker to a readable form of ASCII was done by David A. Wheeler (wheeler@ida.org).