A Survey of Computer Programming Languages
(DoD Language Survey)
Appendix B. Survey Data


This appendix provides the raw data collected during the survey. In order to provide respondent anonymity, the program/system names (Section B.1) have been separated from the remaining portion (Section B.2) of the survey data. A single dash (-) in a table cell is used to denote data elements that were not provided on the response form. Each row has been sequentially numbered in order to facilitate identification of specific rows.

B.1 List of Surveyed Program/System Names

This section lists the "Program Name" and "System Name" taken verbatim from each survey response form. Section B.1.1 is the list of program/system names for the weapon system responses. Section B.1.2 is the list of program/system names for the AIS responses.

B.1.1 List of Weapon Program/System Names

Table B-1. Weapon Program/System Names

No. Program Name System Name
1 A-10 Thunderbolt II ModificationAFMSS
2A-10 Thunderbolt II ModificationCDU
3A-10 Thunderbolt II ModificationLASTE
4A-10 Thunderbolt II ModificationOTS
5A/A47U-4A Reeling Machine LauncherNavy Standard Tow Target System
6AC-130U Gunship-
7AEGIS Simulation Program (ACSIS)Current
8AEGIS Weapon SystemBL 1 (1983)
9AEGIS Weapon SystemBNl60III
10AGM-130 Powered GBU-15AFMSS Weapons Planning Module (WPM)
11AGM-130 Powered GBU-15Automatic Pilot Computer Program
12AGM-130 Powered GBU-15Horizontal Attack and Envelope Expansion
13AGM-130 Powered GBU-15Improved Modular Infrared Seeker Producibility Program
14AGM-130 Powered GBU-15MSS II/A Mission Planning Module (MPM)
15AGM-130 Powered GBU-15WPM Weapons Simulation Module
16AGM-65HTV Maverick R&M 2000 Program
17AGM-88A High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM)-
18AH-1W Cobra Helicopter-
19AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter-
20AH-64A Apache-
21AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser System -
22AN/BSY-2 Submarine Combat System-
23AN/SLQ-32(V) Electronic Warfare System-
24AN/SSQ-53E Sonobuoy-
25AN/TPS-59 TMD MOD KIT Upgrade-
26AN/UDR13 Pocket Radiac-
27AOE6Machinery Centralized Control System (MCCS)
29AQM-37C Aerial Target-
30ATCCS Common Hardware/Software (CHS)-
31AV-8BAV-8B Muxbus Data System (AMDS)
32AV-8BDay Attack Mission Computer
33AV-8BNight Attack Mission Computer
34AV-8BRadar Mission Computer
35AWIS Project Management Office-
36Advanced Airborne Radiac SystemAARS for OH58D-KW Aircraft
37Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV)-
38Advanced Cruise Missile (ACM)-
39Advanced Deployable System (ADS)-
40Advanced Field Artillery System (AFAS)-
41Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS)-
42Advanced Spacecraft Technology Integration High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABE)
43Advanced Spacecraft Technology Integration Liquid Metal Thermal Experiment (LMTE)
44Advanced Spacecraft Technology Integration Technology for Autonomous Operational Survivability (TAOS)
45Advanced Tactical Air Command/Control Center (ATACC)-
46Advanced Tank Armament System (ATAS)-
47Advanced Training System (ATS)-
48Air Defense Missile SystemsAir Defense Communications Platform
49Air Defense Missile SystemsTAOM
50Air Traffic Control (ATC) ImprovementsDoD Common Console (DDC)
51Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)-
52Airborne Surveillance Testbed (AST)-
53All Source Analysis System (ASAS)Block I
54Armored Gun System-
55Armored Systems ModernizationAbrams MIA2
56Armored Systems ModernizationAdvanced Tank Armament System (ATAS)
57Armored Systems ModernizationWide Area Munition (WAM)
58Armored Systems ModernizationAirborne Standoff Minefield Detection System (ASTAMIDS)
59Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS)BAT
60Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS)Block I
61Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS)Block IA
62Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS)Block II with BAT
63Avenger System-
64B-1B ModificationConventional Mission Upgrade program (CMUP)
65B-1B Weapon System Trainer-
66B-52 Stratofortress ModificationsBlock II
67B-52 Stratofortress ModificationsICSMS
68BGM-74 Aerial Target-
69Brilliant Eyes (BE) Space-Based Sensors -
70C-141Aircrew Training System
71C-17Maintenance Training Devices
72C/KC-135Air Data Computer
74C/KC-135Carousel IV Inertial Navigation System
75C/KC-135Digital Engine Pressure Ratio Transfer
76C/KC-135Fuel Savings Advisory System
77C/KC-135Fuel System Advisory
78C/KC-135Standard Flight Data Recorder
79CV HELO AvionicsSH-60F/HH-60H
80Carrier Air Traffic ControlAN/SPN-42
81Carrier Air Traffic ControlAN/SPN-46
82Cheyenne Mountain ComplexCommand Center Processing and Display System - Replacement (CCPDS-R)
83Cheyenne Mountain ComplexCommunications System Segment - Replacement (CSSR)
84Cheyenne Mountain ComplexGranite Sentry
85Cheyenne Mountain ComplexSpace Defense Operations Center (SPADOC)
86Cheyenne Mountain ComplexSurvivable Communications Integration System (SCIS)
87Combat Service Support Control System (CSSCS)-
88Communications AutomationsVMACS (V5)
89Communications AutomationsVMACS II
90Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS)-
91Countermeasures Decoy Dispensing System TACAIR EWFleet Airborne Electronic Warfare System
92DMSAUTODIN Switching Center (ASC)
93DMSMessage Conversion System (MCS)
94DMSProof of Concept Network
95Dual Mode Seeker-
96E-2C (baseline) Group IIL-304 CP (OL-424/ASQ)
97E-2CMission Computer Upgrade (MCU)
98E-4BAutomated Data Processing (ADP) System
99E-4BMessage Processing System
100E-4BSuper High Frequency (SHF) System
101EA-6B Prowler-
103Electro-Optical Targeting Sensors Gunship Ballistic Winds Sensor
104F-16NMC Blocks 30 40 and 50
105F-16Non-NMC Blocks 30 40 and 50
106F-22Air Vehicle
107FAAD C2 Engineering Development Program -
108FAAD Command & Control Engineering Development -
109FAAD Ground Based SensorMPQ64
110FAAD Ground Based SensorSimulation Support
111Fixed Distributed System (FDS)Shore Signal & Information Processing Segment
112Fleet Satellite Communications (FLTSATCOM), now UHF SATCOM TerminalsCommon User Digital Information Exchange System
113HARMCommand Launch Computer (CLC)
114HARMMissile Software
115HARMSimulation Software
116HAVE PBaseline
117HAVE PMod for PEP
118HAWK Air Defense SystemHAWK IIIA
119HAWK Air Defense SystemHAWK IIIA Major Mod
120HAWK Air Defense SystemPhase III Hawk System
121IONDS (Integrated Operational Nudets Detection System)Integrated Correlation and Display System
122IONDS (Integrated Operational Nudets Detection System)Nudet Detection System (NDS)
125Joint Direct Attack Munition-
126Joint Services Imagery Processing Systems (JSIPS)-
127Joint Services/Navy Standard Avionics Components & SubsystemsGPWS CAT I
128Joint Services/Navy Standard Avionics Components & SubsystemsGPWS III HE/O
129Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)Baseline
130Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS)-
131Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS)-
132LANTIRNNavigation Pod
133LANTIRNTarget Pod
134Line-of-Sight Anti-Tank (LOSAT)-
135Link-16 Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS)-
136Longbow Apache-
137M-1 Abrams Tank-
139MC-130H Combat Talon II-
140MCS V12 Prototype Release 2
141MH-53EMission Planning Station (MPS)
142MH-53ENavigation/Communication System (NCS)
143MH-60G HelicopterVSDS
144MILSTAR Satellite Communications SystemsMission Planning Element
145MILSTAR TerminalsSCAMP (Single Channel Antijam Manportable Terminal)
146MILSTAR TerminalsSMART-T (Raytheon)
147MILSTAR TerminalsSMART-T (Rockwell)
148MILSTARDefense Satellite Communication System (DSCS)
149MILSTARDefense Satellite Communication System (DSCS)
150MILSTARDefense Satellite Communication System (DSCS)
153MIM-72G (Rosette Scan Seeker) MissileChaparral
154MK-15 Close-in Weapons Systems (CIWS/Phalanx)PHALANX Block 0 & Block 1
155MK-15 Close-in Weapons Systems (CIWS/Phalanx)PHALANX Block 1 Baseline 2 W/HOLC and beyond
156MK-30 Target DevelopmentMK 30 MOD2 ASW Training Target System
157MK-30 Target DevelopmentMK 30 MOD2 ASW Training Target System
158MK-48 Advance Capability (ADCAP)ADCAP Modifications (MO-OS)
159MK-48 Advance Capability (ADCAP)-
160MLRS LauncherBasic System
161MLRS LauncherExtended Range MLRS
162MLRS Product Improvement ProgramFire Direction Data Manager
163MQM-8G (EER)Vandal
164MQM-8G (ER)Vandal
165Marine Corp Intelligence Analysis SystemIAS
167Mine Hunter Costal (MHC)-
168Mine Hunting Sonar SystemA/N 374-1
169Mine Hunting Sonar SystemAMNSYS
170Mine Hunting Sonar SystemAQS-20
171Missile Simulation-
172Multi-Role Survivable Radar-
173Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS)-
174Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Terminal Guidance Warhead (TGW)Improved Fire Control System
175Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)Extended Range MLRS
176NCCS AshoreOSS
177NCCS AshoreTSC
178NTDS Software Improvements/Advanced Combat Direction System (ACDS) Block I-
179Night Vision Combat VehiclesSecond Generation Tank Sight
180Non-Cooperative Target Recognition Electronic Support Measures (NCTR-ESM)AN/VSX-2
181Noncooperative Identification SubsystemsCombat ID Program - Hughes Aircraft
182Noncooperative Identification SubsystemsCombat ID Program - Inhouse
183North Warning SystemUnattended Radar
184OH-58D KIOWA WarriorControl/Display Subsystem Operational Flight Program
185OH-58D KIOWA WarriorMast Mounted Sight
186Ocean Surveillance Information System Baseline Upgrade (OSIS OBU)-
187P-3 UpgradeAN/USQ-78
188P-3 UpgradeAN/USQ-78A
189P-3 UpgradeCP-2044 (System Test Program)
190P-3 UpgradeCP-2044 (Tactical Mission Software)
191P-3 UpgradeCP-901 (Operational Program)
192P-3C Sensor IntegrationAir Common Acoustic Processing (ACAP)
193Patriot Air Defense Missile SystemPatriot Advanced Capability - 3 (PAC-3)
194PhoenixAIM-54C Missile
195QF-4 Full Scale Aerial TargetAirborne System Test Set
196QF-4 Full Scale Aerial TargetAutomatic Flight Control Computer
197QF-4 Full Scale Aerial TargetGround Station Simulator
198QF-4NFullscale Aerial Target (FSAT)
199QF-4SFullscale Aerial Target (FSAT)
200RAMBlock I (IRMU)
201RAMGuided MIssile Launching System
202Radar UpgradeF/A 18 Radar Upgrade
203S-3 Viking ModificationS-3 Co-Processor Memory Unit
204S-3 Viking ModificationS-3 General Purpose Digital Computer AYK-10
205SATCOM Ship Terminals now EHF SATCOM Terminals
206SATCOM Ship Terminals now SHF SATCOM Terminals
207SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramAir Firing Valve Electronic System (AFVE)
208SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramAN/WLQ-4(V)1
209SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramBSY-2 Combat System
210SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramCircuit-D
211SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramData Distribution System
212SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramMonitoring System
213SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramPeriscope System
214SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramShip Control System
215SSN-21 Seawolf ProgramWeapons Storage and Handling
216SOF Aircrew Training System (ATS)-
217SOF Airdrop Advanced DevelopmentATD for AALC
218SOF Airdrop Advanced DevelopmentDraper Labs ACT II BAA
219SSN-688 Los AngelesAN/BQQ-SE
220SSN-688 Los AngelesAN/BSY-1
221SSN-688 Los AngelesCCS MK1
222SSN-688 Los AngelesCCS MK2
223SSSEPAdvanced Submarine Tactical ESM Combat System
224SSSEPPhotonics Mast
225SURTASS (Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System)SURTASS Production
226SURTASSAdvanced Deployable System
228Seeker Advanced Development ProgramSmall Diameter Imaging System
229Sensor Fuzed Weapon (SFW)-
231Signal Processor Vehicle InterfaceAirborne System Test Set
232Simulator for Electronic Combat Training (SECT)AN/FSQ-T25 Electronic Combat Trainer
233Space Boosters Rocket SystemsDelta Redundant Measurement Systems
234Space Boosters Rocket SystemsInertial Upper Stages
235Space Boosters Rocket SystemsMedium Launch Vehicle (MLV-II)
236Space Boosters Rocket SystemsRedundant Inertial Flight Control Assembly
237Space Experiments for Phenomenology and Technology Demonstrations-
238Sparrow AIM/RIM-7R Weapon System-
239Special Operations AircraftIntegrated Avionics Subsystem
240Standard Missile 2 - Block IVAEGIS ER
241Standard Missile ImprovementsMHIP-SM-2 BLK IIIB Infrared Seeker Computer
242Standard Missile ImprovementsMHIP-SM-2 BLK IIIB Missile Control Computer
243Standard Theatre Army Command and Control SystemSTACCS
244Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM)Baseline
245Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM)Upgrade
246Stinger RPM Block 1-
247Stinger RPM-
248Submarine Support Equipment Program (SSEP)-
249Submarine Tactical Communication SystemSubmarine Message Buffer
250Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD)AN/SLR-24 Detection and Launched Countermeasures Subsystems
251System Simulator/SimulationsTarget Oriented Tracking System
252T-45TS Goshawk TrainerOperational Flight Trainer (OFT)
253T-45TS Goshawk TrainerT-45A Aircraft
254TACAIR EWAAR-47 Missile Warning Set
255TACAIR EWAAR-47 Missile Warning Set (Upgrade)
256TACAIR EWALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser
258TACAIR EWALQ-157 IR Jammer
259TACAIR EWALQ-162 Tactical Simulation POD
260TACAIR EWALQ-167/AST-6 Tactical Simulation POD
261TACAIR EWALR-67 (v) 3 & 4 Radar Warning RCVR
263TACAIR EWAN/ALQ-170 (V) Tactical Simulation POD
264TACAIR EWAN/ALR-67(v)2 ECP51D Countermeasures Receiving Set
265TACAIR EWAVR-2 Laser Detecting Set
266TALD and ITALD-
267TARTAR Support EquipmentCommunications Tracking Set AN/SYR-1 EHESPA
268TARTAR Support EquipmentMissile Fire Control System MK 74
269TARTAR Support EquipmentTARTAR Common (was MK 14)
271TRI-TACSystem Planning System Control
272Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing & Evaluation System (TERPES)TERPES Phase II
273Tactical Electronic Surveillance Systems - ADConcurrent Systems Baseline
274Tactical Electronic Surveillance Systems - ADSUCCESS UHF Radio
275Tactical Electronic Surveillance Systems - ADUnix Systems Baseline
276Tactical Electronic Surveillance Systems - ADCommunications System Processor
277Tactical Environmental Support Systems EngineeringTactical Environmental Support System (TESS (3))
278Tactical Satellite Communications (TACSATCOM)AN/PSC-5 Enhanced Manpack UHF Terminal (EMUT)
279Tanker Transport Trainer SystemT-1A SIM
280Tanker Transport Trainer SystemT-1A TMS
281Tomahawk ModificationsAdvanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System (ATWCS)
282Tomahawk ModificationsBaseline Improvement Program (Block IV Operational Embedded Software only)
283Tomahawk ModificationsTheater Mission Planning Center/Afloat Planning
284Tomahawk ModificationsEnhancement to Support TBIP
285TomahawkBaseline Weapon Control System
286TomahawkTLAM-Conventional (R/UGM-109C/D)
287TomahawkTLAM-Nuclear (R/UGM-109A)
288Training Devices/SimulatorsMarine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Tactical Warfare Simulation (MTWS)
289UHF SATCOM TerminalsDemand Assigned Multiple Access
290UHF SATCOM TerminalsSATCOM Signal Analyzer
291UHF SATCOM TerminalsSubmarine Satellite Information Exchange System
292UHF SATCOM TerminalsTactical Data Information Exchange System
293UHF SATCOM TerminalsTactical Intelligence
295V-22 Osprey-
296Wide Area Mine-

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