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Ada Flyer Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge

The Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge makes power and features of IBM’s award-winning VisualAge C++ available for Ada 95.


The Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge enables users to develop software applications by visually connecting software “parts” written in Ada 95 and C++. The Ada 95 code is automatically generated for connecting software parts, and users are able to add new Ada 95 parts to the VisualAge palette. VisualAge is shipped with the IBM OpenClass Library, which is comprised of a large collection of visual and nonvisual parts.


The Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge supports mixed-language applications using Ada 95 and C++, enabling government and commercial users to take advantage of the object-oriented (OO) features provided by both languages.

With the Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge, software applications can now be created using a powerful visual builder. OO applications can be built by assembling and connecting software “parts’ contained in the VisualAge palette, and by adding new parts to the available inventory.

Application development time is shortened considerably by creating and using reusable parts. The productivity of programmers at all skill levels can be increased with the use of this product: experienced programmers will enjoy a decrease in development time and less experienced users can create their own applications without having to learn a new programming language.

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