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Stony Brook Ada 95 is a complete Ada 95 development system for DOS, 32- bit DOS extended, WIN16, and WIN32 applications development.


The Stony Brook Ada 95 system includes an optimizing Ada 95 compiler, development environment, linker, object librarian, debuggers, a WIN32 profiler, and resource editor. The development system also includes:
  • Project based environment, presenting the user with information on all packages used within a complete project and allowing for efficient partitioning of reusable packages into precompiled libraries
  • Network aware development system, enabling efficient development by a team of programmers on multiple, networked computers
  • Development system utilizing symmetric multiprocessing, absolutely minimizing compilation time on systems with multiple processors
  • Built-in protection mechanism, preventing accidental deletion of project files and source files


Ada 95 is a well-designed, object-oriented language that promotes superior program design and supports the potential for increased software reliability, quality, and maintainability. The Stony Brook Ada 95 compiler delivers increased developer productivity and superior code generation. Stony Brook compilers boast faster compilation times than any other optimizing compiler, for any language. Fast compilation results in short edit-compile-test times, yielding a dramatic increase in the productivity of programmers developing reliable, high-quality, and maintainable software systems. At the same time, Stony Brook compilers produce high quality code, as good as that of the best compiler, for any language, on the supported platforms. Because it offers these benefits over competitive compiler development systems, Stony Brook Ada 95 represents a significant addition to the Ada software development system marketplace.


Stony Brook Ada 95 is presently in beta test. The initial release, featuring a complete implementation, will be available in March 1997.

For More Information

For more information, contact:
Richard Gogesch
Stony Brook Software
187 East Wilbur Road, Suite 4
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: 805/496-5837
Fax: 805/496-7429

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