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Ada Flyer SemWeb (Semantic Webs)

SemWeb allows the modeling of World Wide Web (WWW) sites using semantic networks.


SemWeb provides a browser and editor to support the modeling and creation of Web sites. In addition, it provides Ada class libraries that define an application programming interface (API) for dynamically creating files in hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and other WWW languages and formats.


The SemWeb project goal is to provide higher quality, semantic-based information and capabilities to WWW sites. This will increase users’ cognitive understanding of the WWW by creating consistent and correct Web sites.

Through the use of formal modeling (using semantic networks) and the generation of Web sites from these descriptions, the cost of maintaining a Web site is dramatically reduced. Also, through the use of Ada class libraries that generate HTML and other WWW standard formats based on the semantic network representing a site, novel, large, and complex Web- based servers can be implemented reliably.

Ada brings a significant advantage to the implementation of Web sites. As the complexity and size of the software for Web-based servers increases, the need for a strongly-typed, modular, object-oriented language grows. Ada’s proven track record for safe, secure, and maintainable software systems makes it the language of choice for these applications.


SemWeb will be available in the first quarter of 1997.

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