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Ada Flyer Sources for Reusable Ada Source Code

On-Line and FREE Software Repositories
Reusable Ada source code for a wide variety of applications is available on-line for FREE from the Software Repositories and the companies listed in this flyer. [Note: some resources listed here require potential users to apply and register for an account.]

Selected Sources

Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) Internet Host

Source code from some AJPO-sponsored projects it available to anyone through the Ada host (sw-eng.falls-church.va.us) on the Internet. There is no need to establish an account on the host. Anyone with Internet access may retrieve source code via anonymous ftp; those without Internet access may access the host through a dial-up connection (703/681-2845, DSN 761-2845). Contact the Ada Information Clearinghouse fo rmore information.

Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology (ASSET)

ASSET is a software reuse library available to software developers in government, industry, and academia who hold accounts. ASSET components can be generally categorized as: Ada Standards and Bindings, Data Base Management Systems, Software Development Process, Software Engineering Environment, and Software Reuse Technologies. Users interested in applying for an ASSET account should contact: Account Administrator, SAIC/ASSET, 1350 Earl L. Core Road, Morgantown, WV 26505; Telephone: 304/284-9009; FAX: 304/284-9001; info@source.asset.com.

Computer Software Management and Information Center (COSMIC)

COSMIC Distributes software developed by NASA to industry, government, and academia. Source code and documentation can be purchased separately, and abstracts are available free of charge. An on-line catalog is also available. For more information, contact: COSMIC, The University of Georgia, 382 East Broad Street, Athens, GA 30602, 404/542-3265; FAX: 404/542-4807; service@cosmic.uga.edu.

Defense Software Repository System (DSRS)

DSRS is an automated library of reusable software development components available to the DoD and other Government agencies, including supporting contractors. The DSRS is fully interoperable with the CARDS and SAIC/ASSET libraries. Users must register to use the DSRS. For more information on the DSRS, contact: Software Reuse Program, Customer Assistance Office, 5600 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA, 22041, 703/681-2349, FAX: 703/681-2813.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

NTIS is a self-supporting publishing agency for the U.S. Department of Commerce. It provides a free catalog of the software available from the Federal Computer Products Center, which is a clearinghouse for over 3500 products from about 100 Federal agencies. Contact: NTIS, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 5825 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, or call the nonprint product manager (Federal Computer Products Center), 703/487-4650, or 800/553-NTIS.

Public Ada Library (Ada Software Repository)

The Public Ada Library (PAL) provides more than 100 megabytes of programs, components, tools, general information, and educational materials on Ada. It also contains materials on the Very High Speed Integrated Circut (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (HDL), which is based on Ada. For information, contact: Public Ada Library, c/o Computer Science Department, 1 Brookings Drive, Campus Box 1045, Washington University at St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899, 314/935-6160; FAX: 314/935-7302; conn@wunet.wustl.edu.

Miscellaneous Sources of Ada Components

Ada Language System/Navy (ALS/N) Common Ada Baseline (CAB)

The available ALS/N products are contained in a $100 basic package and a $50 optional package. The basic package includes: the ALS/N Installation and Maintenance Guide with Installation Notes, the ALS/N Reference Handbook with Release Notes, the General Purpose Text Editor and Text Formatter System Operator's Manual, the General Purpose Software Users Manual, the System Operator's Manual, and the Configuration Management Identification Tools, which includes a Configuration Management Report Generator Software Users Manual. The basic package also includes the PSE Tools Subsystem, the AdaVAX Tools Subsystem, and the VAX/VMS System Program Library on VMS/VAX backup format tapes. The optional package includes: the Ada/L Program Support Environment Handbook, the Ada/L Run-Time Environment Handbook, the Ada/M Program Support Environment Handbook, and the Ada/M Run-Time Environment Handbook, and Release Notes for Users. For more information, contact: Lisa Davis, Syscon Corp., 9841 Broken Land Parkway, Columbia, MD 21046, 301/381-8300.

Ada Math Advantage

A library of over 100 frequently used Ada components for developers of signal-processing, image-processing, and other matrix and math-intensive Ada applications. The software is warranted and supported. For more information, contact: Quantitative Technology Corp., 9305 W. Nimbus Place, Beaverton, OR 97005, or call George Pan, 503/626-6012, Fax: 503/641-6012.

Booch Components

A library of over 500 reusable components. The source code supports object-oriented design and standard abstract types that can be implemented in many ways. Several of its utility packages provide sorting, searching, character matching, and other capabilities. Contact: Grady Booch, Wizard Software, Inc., 2171 South Parfet Court, Lakewood, CO, 303/986-2405.

Common Ada Missile Packages (CAMP)

Operational flight software parts in Ada for tactical missiles. CAMP consists of 454 reusable Ada components. The software is distributed on ANSI standard labeled 9-track 1600-b.p.i. tapes. For more information about CAMP and CAMP products, contact: Data & Analysis Center for Software, c/o Kaman Sciences Corporation, P.O. Box 120, Utica, NY 13503, 315/734-3696; FAX: 315/734-3699; dacs@utica.kaman.com.

HALO Professional

HALO Professional is a library of over 200 graphic subroutines for Ada software that runs under MS-DOS/Alsys and Meridian. Contact: Media Cybernetics, Inc., 8484 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, or call 301/495-3305.

Math Pack and Stat Pack

The Math Pack Ada library consists of 19 generic packages containing over 320 subprograms; the Stat Pack Ada library contains over 250 Ada subprograms. MassTech, Inc., 3108 Hillsboro Road, Huntsville, AL 35805, 205/539-8360, Fax: 205/533-6730.

NAG Ada Library

Mathematical components offered by Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc. Package units include basic arithmetic, input/output, extended arithmetic, ordinary and partial differential equations, random numbers, and error trapping. For additional information, contact Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc., 1400 Opus Place, Suite 200, Downers Grove, IL 60515, 708/971-2337; FAX: 708/971-2706; caswell@nag.com.

Rational Software Library Catalog

The Rational Software Library Catalog lists about 100 software tools and utilities designed to make Ada programmers more productive on the Rational environment. The programs include math libraries, graphics, library management tools, etc. Free to Rational customers. Contact: Rational, 3320 Scott Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054-3197, or call Jeff Snyder, 408/496-3600.

The AdaSoft Components Kit (TACK)

TACK tools include AdaMenus and AdaWindows, both written entirely in Ada; available in both source code and object code; source code, $950; object code (for selected compilers), $195. For more information, contact: Jerry Horsewood, AdaSoft, Inc., 8750-9 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707, 301/725-7014.

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All rights assigned to the US Government (Ada Joint Program Office). Permission to reprint this flyer, in whole or in part, is granted, provided the AdaIC is acknowledged as the source.
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