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Acumentor/Orbix allows developers to create distributed applications based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG’s) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard.


Acumentor/Orbix includes all the functionality presented in the CORBA 2.0 specification including IDL compiler, dynamic invocation interface, and InterORB interoperability protocol. Orbix supports numerous extensions to CORBA, to better enable the design and construction of advanced CORBA- based applications. Orbix for Windows provides a gateway between Microsoft’s OLE 2.0 and CORBA via a specially enhanced IDL compiler that generates a complete program that acts as an OLE Automation Server. Orbix supports major platforms using multiple programming languages including Ada 95, C++, and Java.


Acumentor/Orbix, through its compliance with the CORBA standard, allows for building open, interoperable applications using distributed objects. Orbix provides all of the mechanisms required for objects to send requests and accept responses from each other, without the developer having to build the distribution model. CORBA provides a vendor-neutral standard for distribution that is independent of platform, wire protocol, and programming language. Building next generation client/server applications with object technology is important because it enables interoperability across heterogeneous and dispersed computing environments and, most importantly, allows business to rapidly respond to change.


Accumentor/Orbix Ada version 1.1 is now available for Solaris, SGI, AIX, DEC Alpha, HP-UX, and Windows NT. The latest version adds support for tasking and full CORBA type Any using newly implemented Orbix libraries built 100% in Ada.

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