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Wins at Object World

And the Winner Is...
On August 16, 1995, the Message Text Format (MTF) Editor, Version 4.0 won the category of Outstanding Custom Application Development Object Technology in the category of Best Application Utilizing Reusable Components Leveraged From or For Use in Other Products at the Object World conference in San Francisco, California.

MTF Editor was selected from a group of three finalists including projects from IBM - Switzerland, Business Unit Government Solutions, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The ComputerWorld Object Application Awards are presented annually to the best end-user application using Object Technology.

This Navy and Marine Corps project was developed at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS), San Diego. NCTS San Diego provides coordinated resource management and strategic planning to effect quality communications, cryptologic support and information technology services throughout the United States. The command’s vision is to be a customer orientated, quality service organization, on the forefront of technology. The project was co-sponsored by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), who funded MTF Editor’s reuse support to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of systematically planning and integrating software reuse into an Ada development effort.

The Benefits
MTF Editor benefits the military community by enhancing the ability to generate validated military messages and reduces workload by eliminating the need users to be trained and knowledgable in the numerous formats used for military messages.

"It was extremely important to the MTF Editor development team to create a product that was aesthetically appealing, and at the same time ‘functionally easy’ to use in drafting military messages for electronic processing. Based on this philosophical belief, the team made a decision early on to solicit user feedback throughout the MTF Editor development life-cycle. The positive overwhelming response resulted in some significant changes that greatly enhanced the product," said J.T. Manning, Project Test Manager.

The ability to develop and deploy MTF Editor on schedule was attributed to emphasis on maximizing software reuse and use of AdaSAGE, a toolkit of application development tools and reusable library components.

"The use of AdaSAGE during the development stage of this project was an important factor in the success of the MTF Editor 4.0," added Bill Kelly, a member of the MTF Editor technical staff. AdaSAGE was developed by the Department of Energy at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL) and is used extensively throughout the Department of Defense and commercially.

The Bottom Line
75% of the 415,000 source lines of code of MTF Editor were reused Ada 83, Pascal and C++ code from existing systems. Documented savings attributed to reuse for this system was over $4 million dollars.

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