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AdaMentor 95 is a computer-based training course that provides comprehensive training in Ada 95, the recently adopted, revised standard for the Ada programming language.


The AdaMentor 95 is based upon the new textbook, Programming in Ada 95, by the internationally acclaimed author, John G.P. Barnes. The course is delivered over the Internet, implementing a "distributed classroom" concept. This concept emulates several desirable features of the traditional classroom, such as peer and instructor interaction and an interactive, non-linear presentation of materials that include direct links to a variety of reference documents. It supports equally well the individual seeking self-administered, career enhancing training and the organization wanting to provide structured training to a geographically dispersed group under the tutelage of an experienced instructor.


AdaMentor 95 provides low-cost, authoritative, and comprehensive training in the new standard of the Ada language via a medium that is accessible to a growing, world-wide community of programmers. The convenience of the Internet and the low-cost of the course makes the Ada 95 language accessible to virtually anyone with a computer and a modem. The design of the course and the manner of the presentation work together to build and sustain the student's interest. The presentation includes extensive user interaction, access to a variety of companion documents through hypertext links, and access to a validated Ada 95 compiler and linker for solving a variety of in-course practice exercises. The progress and place of each registered student is tracked individually so that successive sessions can begin where the previous session ended. Registrations are handled on-line, using secure transaction processing. Each registered student receives a copy of the textbook Programming in Ada 95.


The AdaMentor 95 training course is available from AdaSoft, Inc., with demonstrations available for either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/NT.

For More Information

For more information, contact:
AdaSoft, Inc.
Mr. Jerry Horsewood
Cherry Lane Business Park
8750-9 Cherry Lane
Laurel, MD 20707
Phone: 301/725-7014
Fax: 301/725-0980
Email: horsewood@adasoft.com

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