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Ada Flyer Claw for Microsoft
Windows NT/95

An product of the AJPO's ATIP-P program.

This binding and set of tools will allow application developers
to build Microsoft Windows 95 systems using Ada 95. The binding is specifically designed for Ada 95 and Win32, and is not tied to the underlying C API routines. The user-friendly design use several Ada 95 features, including errors returned via exceptions parameters with default values and descriptive names where appropriate child packages to structure the binding extensive use of tagged types and inheritance The Graphical User Interface (GUI) Builder is a Windows 95 visual applications builder for the Ada 95 programming language. It features a menu builder and a button bar maker, allows the drawing of a user interface and the simulation of the created GUI, and automatically generates code from the user interface.
The Binding and Tools offer several benefits to application developers; the product is:

  • Object-Oriented
    Uses tagged types, inheritance, and dynamic binding to make construction of code easy and to keep the binding maintainable and manageable in size.

  • Portable
    Does not restrict programmers to the use of a specific compiler; the binding relies on Ada 95 interfacing abilities (Appendix B) to be portable to any Ada 95 compiler for the Windows 95 platform that conforms to the Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC) test suite.

  • User-friendly
    Raises Ada exceptions for most errors and employs understandable names for all concepts.

  • Well-Documented
    Provides comprehensive documentation in a Windows "Help File" format. Each entity and command in the binding and tools is documented and cross-referenced to related entities; tutorials include example programs using bindings.
Claw will be demonstrated at TRI-Ada '96 in Booth 16. The complete commercial package will ship in December '96, with prerelease copies currently available.
For More Information
R.R. Software, Inc.
Mr. Ian Goldberg
P.O. Box 1512
Madison, WI 53701-1512
Phone: 608/245-0375
Fax: 608/245-0379
Email: Ian@rrsoftware.com
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