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Below are links to freely available Ada bindings and bindings products. For more information on Ada products, tools, and commercial bindings, please search the AdaIC Products and Tools database.

Ada Decimal Arithmetic and Representations (ADAR)
Developed to provide a common approach for decimal arithmetic and Ada 83. The ADAR package set consists of two related facilities for decimal arithmetic that provide decimal computation and interoperable representations of decimal quantities.

Ada Distributed Interactive Simulation (ADIS)
An Ada gateway interface, tools, and definitions for development of DIS projects in Ada.

Ada Semantic Interface Specification Program View Layer (ASIS/PVL)
A set of reusable abstractions built upon the ASIS - a programmatic interface between an Ada compiler's library database and any tool or program requiring information in this library. (ATIP 1993)

Provides access to tcl thru Ada, making it possible to run tcl programs and write/define new Ada procedures.

ADOBE Font Metrics
A set of packages providing an Ada binding to Adobe Font Metrics.

C2Ada Translator
A C to Ada 95 translator available in beta format from Intermetrics. It is written in C, hosted on Unix, and was recently used to produce Ada 95 bindings to X Windows, Microsoft Windows, and GCCS.

Customer Information Control System (CICS)
An Ada binding to the IBM CICS transaction-oriented applications. CICS provides SQL for future database applications that allow migration to Ada while retaining massive historical database and existing functional software.

CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)
Provides the mechanisms by which objects transparently make requests and receive responses, as defined by OMG's ORB. The CORBA ORB is an application framework that provides interoperability between objects, built in different languages, running on different machines in heterogeneous distributed environments.

Distributed Computing Environment (DCE)
A standard of the Open Systems Foundation (OSF), the DCE serves as an integrated set of services that provide the foundation for distributed computing in a heterogeneous computing environment.

Generic Avionics Data Bus Tool Kit (GADBTK)
Provides a strong Ada software binding to the Military Standard 1553 data bus. The bus is used for time multiplex data communications between different sensor and computer subsystems on many current military platforms. (ATIP project)

Generic Package of Elementary Functions (GPEF)
A specification for certain elementary mathematical functions, including: square root, logarithm and exponential functions and the exponentiation operator; the trigonometric functions for sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent and their inverses; and the hyperbolic functions for sine, cosine, tangent,and cotangent together with their inverses.

Graphical Kernel System (GKS)
An internationally accepted standard for computer graphics recognized by ANSI and the ISO, providing an application programmers interface that defines graphics functions at the logical device level rather than the hardware device level.

Information Resource Dictionary System (IRDS)
A draft standard defining an interface to describe and control an enterprise's information resources. The IRDS interfaces to a Software Query Language (SQL) database using services in the form of function and procedure calls.

JEWL (John English's Window Library) is a set of Ada packages aimed at novices which enables reasonably sophisticated GUI applications to be built with a minimum of effort.

A BCA Ada language interface to the OSF/Motif toolkit.

New Curses (ncurses) 1.9.9
An emulation of System V Release 4.0 curses, which uses terminfo format, supports pads and color and multiple highlights and forms characters and function-key mapping, and has all the other SYSV-curses enhancements over BSD curses.

Package CGI
An Ada 95 interface to the "Common Gateway Interface" (CGI), making it easier to create Ada programs that can be invoked by World-Wide-Web (WWW) HTTP servers using the standard CGI interface.

A set of Ada packages intended to provide an interface to the Unix operating system, and more specifically to the communication routines, that are accessed via file descriptors.

Ada To Paradox
Intended to be used by developers who are developing database applications that use Borland's Paradox Database Engine 1.0.

Ada To PVM
These bindings allows the creation of parallel code on machines such as the MEIKO-CS2.

Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE)
Provides Ada applications access to a PCTE object base as defined by the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) Ada PCTE specification (Standard ECMA-162 Ada Language Binding, December 1991).

Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)
A set of standards providing applications portability at the source-code level for Ada 83 and Ada 95.

SAMeDL Development Environment
Designed to facilitate the construction of Ada database applications that use the SAME methodology. (ATIP FY93 Project)

SQL to Ada
An IBM STARS prototype binding of ANSI-Standard SQL to Ada, supporting the SQL Ada Module Extensions (SAME) methodology.

TASH Tcl Ada Shell
A binding to Tcl/Tk from Ada, designed to allow a Tcl program to use Ada in place of C to implement Tcl commands where additional execution speed, more complex data structures, or better name space management is needed.

Thin Ada 95 Bindings to OS/2 API, R 0.5
Provides thin, direct Ada 95 bindings to the most important sections of OS/2's GUI API, i.e. Win, GPI, Dev, Spl, DDF,Prf, Drg.

An Ada 95 direct binding to X11R5, to the Xlib, Xt, and Motif programming API's, using general access types and child packages.

Ada/X Toolkit
A programmatic interface to a set of reusable user interface abstractions (widgets), providing full functionality with the M.I.T X Consortium Version 11 Release 4 X Window System.

XV Ada Library
An object-oriented library that implements parts of the XView library for C.

A complete set of Ada Xlib/Xt/Motif bindings, and a set of examples.

Xmodem & Kermit
Source files that include the reusable portion of Network Protocols as well as the machine-dependent packages.

An Ada 95 binding for Windows NT and Windows 95.


In addition to the direct links above, there are various repositories and libraries with access to free Ada bindings.

Public Ada Library (PAL) Bindings
A list of links to various Ada bindings and components.

ASSET WSRD Library - Freeware
Contains links to free Ada bindings components gathered from various FTP sites, WWW sites, and other Internet mediums, along with assets submitted by various individuals and organizations.


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