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Ada Flyer DACS/ASIS-95 and DACS-Qualified

DDC-I offers an ASIS 95 implementation for the DDC-I Ada 95 Compiler System (DACS) “front-end” and an Ada 95 test coverage environment.


DACS/ASIS-95 is an implementation of the Ada 95 Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS 95) for the DDC-I Ada 95 Compiler System (DACS-95) front-end. An open systems solution, the ASIS interface will be common among all DACS-95 compilers. It gives programmatic read-only access to semantic Ada 95 information through the compiler-independent ASIS 95 standard. DACS/ASIS-95 can be used to build Ada 95 tools including restructuring, browsing and navigation tools, coding style and standards compliance tools, data flow and dependency tree analysis tools, language translation and document generation tools, quality assessment and test tools, and safety and security compliance tools.

DACS-95 Test Coverage Tool is an Ada 95 test coverage environment, based on ASIS 95, which supports automatic test generation for structured analysis, coverage analysis (condition and decision coverage), non-intrusive verification, and support for embedded testing. A state-of-the-art test tool set for coverage testing, DACS-95 Test Coverage Tool is useful for unit and component testing and can be used as a metric test completion.


These products greatly expand and strengthen the base of Ada 95 products on the market today, allowing developers to take advantage of the powerful features of Ada 95. DACS/ASIS-95 makes possible the development of sophisticated Ada 95 products, based on access to semantic Ada 95 information. DACS-95 Test Coverage Tool significantly reduces development costs by automating the process of structural testing and, thereby, reducing the amount of resources needed for software verification. This test coverage environment is unique in that it supports embedded testing of actual, non-instrumented code and automatic test generation for requirements-based coverage testing.


DACS/ASIS-95 and DACS-95 Test Coverage Tool will be available in the second quarter of 1997.

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