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Supporting the Development of Ada Education
Since Fiscal Year 1992, the Department of Defense has periodically supported efforts to encourage development of undergraduate and graduate courses in Ada and software engineering. The most recent effort was supported by the Defense Information Systems Agency, Center for Software (DISA/CFSW) and the Software Management Department. This program was comparable to previous efforts supported by the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) in which educators were awarded contracts for developing Ada courseware.

The official notice for the DISA effort was published in a Broad Area Announcement (BAA) in the government's Commerce Business Daily (CBD) of May 3, 1995 (with a submission deadline of June 30, 1995.)

For background on the type of work sought, the Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) maintains copies of the detailed Proposer Information Pamphlet issued for the DISA effort. "Background Information on Grants for Curriculum Development" is available on the AdaIC's Internet host in hardcopy (Fyer E170).

The list of awards, awardees, and resulting curricula is given below. Some of the curricula are publicly available on the Internet and more are will be posted soon. See the AdaIC Web site for further details.

BAA 91-18 (16 awards; made prior to 9/1/92)

California State University
Edward L. Lamie
"Teaching a Computer Simulation Course with Ada"

Carnegie-Mellon University
David Garlan
"Architectures for Software Systems"

University of Cincinnati
Prof. Harold W. Carter
"Undergraduate Software Engineering Education Using Ada: An Integrated Approach"

Florida Institute of Technology
Prof. Charles B. Engle, Jr.
"The Marriage of Ada and Joe College: The Future is Now"

Georgia Southwestern College
Dr. Arun Gupta
"An Undergraduate Course Sequence for Software Engineering Students"

Hope College
Herbert L. Dershem
"Use of Ada, Laboratories, and Visualization in the Teaching of Data Structures"

Howard University
Don M. Coleman
"Proposal to Conduct a Program in Software Engineering and Ada -- Undergraduate"

Lehigh University
Prof. Samuel L. Gulden
"Development of a Compiler Design Course with Ada as the Implemenation Language

Marshall University
Dr. James Hooper
"Ada-Based Software Engineering: A Two-Course Sequence"

University of Maryland
Duane Jarc
"Introductory Course Sequence in Ada"

Moravian College
Dr. Warren G. Powell
"Curriculum Enhancement Using Ada"

Norfolk State University
Prof. George C. Harrison
"A Comprehensive Software Engineering Educational Experience"

Sacred Heart University
Sandra H. Adams
"Ada in Introductory Computer Science Courses"

University of Scranton
Dr. John Beidler
"An Object-Based Approach to CS 2/CS 3"

Southwest Texas State University
Janusz Zalewski
"Curriculum and Course Development for Real-Time Systems"

West Virginia University
Hany Ammar
"The Development of a Course Sequence in Real-Time Systems Design"

BAA 92-25, Phase 1 (6 awards; made prior to 5/1/93)

East Tennessee State University
Prof. Donald Gotterbarn
"Real World Software Engineering"

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Dr. Sara Stoecklin
"Ada in Introductory Courses"

Illinois Institute of Technology
Dr. Tzilla Elrad
"Undergraduate Curriculum and Course Developement in Software Engineering and the Use of Ada"

Kutztown University
Prof. Henry G. Gordon
"Ada, Object Oriented Techniques, and Currency in Teaching Data Structures and File Management"

University of Scranton
Prof. John Beidler
"Ada Support for the Mathematical Foundations of Software Engineering Education"

West Virginia University
Dr. Murali Sitaraman
"An Introduction to the Principles of Computer Science: A Reuse-Oriented Philosophy"

BAA 92-25, Phase 2 (17 awards)

University of Alabama
Dr. David Cordes and Dr. Allen Parrish
"An Incremental Approach to Software Engineering Using Ada"

Central Michigan University
Roger Yim Lee
"An Undergraduate Software Engineering Course Sequence Using Ada"

Clemson University
John D. McGregor
"The Integration of Ada and Software Engineering into a Computer Science Curriculum Using Closed Laboratories"

Colorado State University
Anneliese von Mayrhauser
"An Undergraduate Course Sequence in Software Engineering and Software Tool Technology Using Ada"

University of Connecticut
Dr. Stephen A. Demurjian
"Integrating Ada and Object-Oriented Design Within a Software Engineering Course"

University of Dayton
Dr. Raghava Gowda
"Incorporating Object-Oriented Paradigm in Systems Analysis and Systems Design Courses Using Ada"

Florida Institute of Technology (2 awards)
J. Richard Newman
"An Ada Transition Course into Software Engineering"
"Ada for Non-Computer Science Majors"

The George Washington University
Michael B. Feldman
"High-Quality Ada83 and Ada9X Tools for CS1-level Students"

University of Houston-Clear Lake
Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue
"A Senior Level Course: Concurrent Programming with Ada"

University of New Mexico
Charles Crowley and Henry Shapiro
"Proposal for a Three Course Combination in Ada"

University of North Dakota
H.K. Dai
"Introductory Computer Programming and Data Structure with Ada"

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
John F. McDonald
"A Software Engineering Course in Ada for CS and ECSE Undergraduates"

Shippensburg University
William G. McArthur
"Significant New Course Sequences"

Southeastern Louisiana University
Carl Steidley
"Teaching Ada in a Real Time Software Systems Course"

West Virginia University
Frances L. Van Scoy
"PowerPoint Documents in Support of an Ada-Based CS1 Course"

Wright State University
Dr. Charles Farnum
"Using Ada in a Senior-Level Compiler Course"

BAA 92-25, Phase 3 (2 awards)

University of Bridgeport
Prof. Grodzinski
"Conversion of the Freshman Programming Sequence"

Temple University
David Lefkovitz
"Curriculum Development in Software Engineering and Ada"

BAA 93-26 (20 awards)
Carnegie-Mellon University
Scott Vorthmann and Phil Miller
"Introduction to Software Engineering Using Ada"

George Washington University
Michael B. Feldman
"Ada Concurrency in Data Structures, Operating Systems, and Real-Time Lab Courses -- Ada 83 and Ada 9X Tools for Data Structures"

Purdue University
Edgar Knapp and Michael Young
"Curriculum Modules for Software Engineering in Ada"

University of Tennessee
Jesse Poore and Carmen Tramell
"Statistical Methods and Stochastic Processes in Software Engineering"

Auburn University (3 awards)
Dr. James Cross
"Software Tools: GRASP-Ada Modification for Ada 9X"
"Migration to Ada in Two Software Engineering Courses: CSE 422 & CSE 522"
"Migration to Ada in Two Software Engineering Courses: CSE 200 & CSE 220"

University of Central Florida
Mostafa A. Bassiouni
"An Ada-based Course sequence in Software Engineering for Undergraduates & Software Tool: AdaReVu"

Hope College
Herbert L. Dershem
"Curriculum and Textbook Development Using Ada 9X for the Teaching of Object-Oriented Concepts"

Illinois State University
Dean Sanders
"Multimedia-Based Lab Modules for Introductory Programmimng Using Ada"

Mississippi State University
Bradley D. Carter
"Restructuring the Software Engineering and Ada Components of the Undergraduate Curriculum"

New Mexico State University
Mikhail Auguston
"Development of a Second Semester Upper Division Course in Software Engineering for Real-Time Embedded Systems"

New York University
Edmond Schonberg
"Embedded Systems Programming in Ada 9X for Miniature Robotics Devices"

Norfolk State University
George Harrison
"Laboratory Experiences in Ada and Data Structures"

Temple University
Rajiv Tewari
"Object-Oriented Software Engineering with Ada"

University of Alabama (2 awards)
David Cordes and Allen Parrish
"Software Tools: Tool Support for Incremental Unit Testing of Ada Software"
"An Incremental Approach to an Object-Oriented Software Engineering with Ada 95"

University of Connecticut
Stephen A. Demurijan and Thomas Pete
"Software Tools: Ada 9X and Object-Oriented Design within an Enhanced Software Engineering Sequence"

University of Tennessee
James H. Poore
"Software Tools: Cleanroom Ada with Tools"

University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Janusz Zalewski and Marcin Paprzycki
"Parallel Computing in Ada: An Undergraduate Course"

BAA 94-01 (14 awards)

Brandeis University
Ben Brosgol
"Development of a New Course: Software Engineering with Ada 9X"

California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo
Dr. John Dalbey and Dr. S. Ron Oliver
"The Software Engineering Apprentice: A New Laboratory Approach to Ada Instruction"

Clemson University
John D. McGregor
"Integrating Object-Oriented Concepts into an Undergraduate Curriculum Using Ada"

Florida International University (2 awards)
Dr. Mark Allen Weiss and Masoud Milani
"Development of an Ada-Based Two Semester Introductory Computer Science/Software Engineering Course and Multi-Media Instructional Software"
"Data Structures with Ada 9X"

Montana State University
Rockford J. Ross
"Ada in a Five Course, Breadth-First, Introductory Computer Science Curriculum"

Santa Clara University
Dr. Ruth E. Davis
"Data Structures with Ada 95"

State University of New York at Binghamton
Leslie C. Lander
"Teaching Formal Methods Using Ada and Related Analysis and Synthesis Tools"

University of Alabama
Dr. Allen Parrish
"Ada Curriculum Development Workshops"

University of Illinois at Chicago
Ugo Buy
"Software Engineering Course Sequence for Distributed and Real-Time Systems"

University of Maryland
Duane Jarc
"An Advanced Course Sequence Based on Ada"

University of Scranton
Dr. John Beidler
"Ada 9X Resources to Support and Improve a Breadth-First Approach to CS2"

Virginia State University
Dr. Fidelis Ikem
"An Alternative to COBOL in an Introductory Course within the School of Business Curriculum"

York College
Dr. Tsu-Chih Wu
"Design and Implementation of a Software Engineering Course Sequence for Undergraduate Computer Majors"

BAA 95-01 (7 awards)

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Dr. Gertrude Levine
"Software Reuse with Ada"

George Mason University (2 awards)
Dr. Bo Sanden
"A Course in Real-Time Software Design Based on Ada 95"
"An Ada-based Foundation Course for a Graduate Information-Systems Program"

George Washington University
Michael B. Feldman
"Ada, Animation and Interaction" "GNAT Tools"

North Carolina A&T State University (2 awards)
Dr. Joseph Monroe
"Software Engineering and Software Reuse Courses using Ada 95"
"Ada 95 Resources to Support Software Engineering and Software Reuse Courses"

University of Hawaii
Dr. James Corbett
"Using Ada to Construct a Client and Server for the World Wide Web"

BAA 95-02 (9 awards)

Auburn University (2 awards)
"GRASP/Ada 95 Modification"
"Migration to Ada 95 in Introduction to Software Engineering, Software Engineering I, & Software Engineering II"

Drexel University (2 awards)
Dr. Moshe Kam
"Real-Time Object-Oriented Design of Control Architecture with Ada -- Part I: Course Development"
"Real-Time Object-Oriented Design of Control Development -- Part II: Tool Development"

Oklahoma State University
Dr. K.M George
"Adopting Ada 95 for Computer Graphics Course"

Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Susan Richman and Dr. Thang Bui
"Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering with Ada 95 and C++"

Texas Tech. University
Dr. Donald J. Bagert, Jr.
"An Ada-based Concepts of Programming Language Course"

University of Montana
Dr. Nicholas P. Wilde
"Ada 95-Based Curriculum Development: An Ada-Based, Two Year, Breadth-First Curriculum"

University of North Dakota
Mr. H.K. Dai
"Ada 95 versus C++ in Teaching Object-Oriented Software Engineering"

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