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Ada Flyer Ada Technology Insertion Program-Partnerships (ATIP-P)

The ATIP-P program fosters partnerships between government and industry
to increase the variety and availability of Ada 95 products.
The Partners
To meet the program objectives, partnerships were formed among the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and ten private sector companies. Together, the partners are working to stimulate utilization of the Ada 95 programming language within the government, academic, industrial, and research communities by bringing to market a variety of products that support the Ada programming language -- the world's first internationally standardized, object-oriented computer programming language.
The Program
The program's objective is to expand and strengthen the supplier base of products supporting the Ada programming language, to satisfy the DOD's requirement for Ada 95 technologies. The ten companies awarded contracts will provide products such as bindings, compilers, commonly used tools, development libraries, visual work space and computer-based training to promote smooth and successful Ada 95 implementations.
The Products
A brief description of each company's product plan follows:

  • Stony Brook Ada 95 -- Stony Brook Software
    A complete Ada 95 development system for DOS, 32-bit DOS extended, WIN16, and WIN32 applications development. This tool includes an optimizing Ada 95 compiler, development environment, linker, object librarian, debuggers, a WIN32 profiler, and resource editor.

  • Claw for Mircrosoft Windows NT/95 -- R.R. Software
    A binding and set of tools that will allow application developers to build Microsoft Windows NT/95 systems using Ada 95, and is not tied to the underlying C API routines.

  • MIL-STD-1553B Bindings for Ada 95 -- Noetic Software
    Thick bindings that will provide a class library of data structures, operators, and objects to implement hardware/bus initialization, bus control, remote terminal and bus monitor operations. Also available will be thin bindings that provide a low-level interface to a particular manufacturer's MIL-STD-1553B hardware.

  • GNAT Ada 95 for Apple Macintosh -- Tenon Intersystems
    A POSIX-conformant UNIX compiler with a full Internet protocol suite and a software development environment based on GNU.

  • DACS/ASIS-95 and Test Coverage Tool -- DDC-I
    An implementation of the Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) 95 for the DDC-I Ada 95 Compiler System (DACS-95) and a test environment. A new DDC-I- developed, state-of-the-art Ada 95 compiler front-end, will be interfaced to both existing DDC-I Ada 83 compiler system code generators and several new ANDF-based code generators developed by DDC-I and other compiler vendors.

  • Acumentor/Orbix Ada -- Objective Interface Systems
    Allows developers to create distributed applications based on the Object Management Group's (OMG's) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard.

  • AdaMentor 95 -- AdaSoft
    A computer-based training course based upon the new textbook Programming in Ada 95. The course will be delivered over the Internet, implementing a "distributed classroom" environment.

  • Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge -- OC Systems
    Makes the power and features of IBM's award-winning VisualAge C++ available for Ada 95. The upgrade enables users to develop software applications by visually connecting software "parts" written in Ada 95 and C++. The Ada 95 code is automatically generated for connecting software parts, and users are able to add new Ada 95 parts to the VisualAge palette.

  • AppletMagic -- Intermetrics
    An Ada 95 compiler that generates Java "bytecodes." The compiler allows its users to construct portable Java applets or applications using the Ada 95 language.

  • SemWeb (Semantic Webs) -- WPL Laboratories
    Provides a browser and editor to support the creation and use of modeled Web sites. It provides Ada class libraries that define an application programming interface (API) for dynamically creating files in hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and other standard and consistent WWW formats.

The Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC) provides flyers with additional product and contact information for each of the ATIP-P products.

For More Information
For more information, contact:
Department of Energy (DOE)
Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL)
Doug Colonel
Phone: 208/526-0204
Fax: 208/526-8086
E-mail: col@inel.gov

or contact the AdaIC.

Ada Technology Insertion Program-Partnerships.
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