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AppletMagic is an Ada 95 compiler that generates Java "bytecodes."


The AppletMagic compiler allows its users to construct portable Java applets or applications using the Ada 95 language; the Ada 95 code is translated to "bytecodes." Once translated, the Ada 95-Java applets execute in the context of a World Wide Web (WWW) browser that supports Java (e.g., Netscape 2.0.x) and are used to enhance WWW pages with animation and other active and interactive features.


The AppletMagic compiler produces portable Java byte codes in the same kind of class files as Sun’s Java compiler. AppletMagic supports interoperability between Java and Ada 95, including the extension of Java object classes with Ada 95 tagged records and vice versa. Stand- alone applications may also be generated, but they require a Java interpreter, available from Sun as part of its Java Development Kit (JDK).


The Alpha test version of the AppletMagic compiler is available now from Intermetrics. The CD-ROM also includes the latest version of tutorial Discovering Ada and Ada 95. For information on how to order Applet Magic, visit the World Wide Web site http://www.appletmagic.com.

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