AJPO Progress Report 1997


The AJPO works continuously to promote the benefits and use of Ada 95. Each year the AJPO spreads the word about Ada 95 through outreach activities such as trade show exhibits, presentations, international partnerships, and the AdaIC Web site.

Tradeshow Exhibits – Spreading the Word about Ada 95

The AJPO has also spread the word about Ada 95 by exhibiting at over 25 computer conferences across the country in the past two years. The AJPO’s AdaIC presented the benefits of Ada 95 at large conferences such as COMDEX, Software Development, Object World, and FOSE; and at smaller but more targeted events such as the Software Technology Conference, TRI-Ada, and the Washington Ada Symposium (WAdaS). Exhibit 11 provides a breakdown of the attendance and the number of contacts made at various tradeshows and conferences the AdaIC has exhibited at since November of 1995.

Exhibit 11 - AdaIC Trade Show Contacts


Trade Show Number of Leads Generated
TRI-Ada'95 400
ACM Computing Week 380
Software Development West 500
FOSE '96 500
Embedded Systems East 400
STC '96 500
Object World East 200
COMDEX Spring '96 500
Object EXPO '96 1000
Software Development East 850
TRI-Ada '96 475
STC '97 400
Object World West '97 450


The AJPO has worked continuously to promote the benefits of Ada 95 to leaders in government, industry, and academia by giving over 150 presentations nationwide since 1995. The AJPO has been able to educate software developers and managers about Ada and to solicit feedback through these efforts. Several of these slide presentations are available for viewing on the AdaIC Web site.

International Partners

It is no secret that Ada has met with success and interest in foreign markets. The AJPO has worked with other nations to see that Ada continues to thrive abroad. In the past two years, the AJPO has provided support for international conferences such as Ada Belgium and Ada Europe; given technical insight and support to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence; and provided mentoring support to Ericcson Microwave Systems in their development of Sweden’s BAMSE Air Defence System. In addition, The AdaIC’s Web site has been accessed thousands of times by users outside the United States the past year. Exhibit 12 provides details on the number of times the AdaIC Web site has been accessed by users outside the United States since January of 1997.

Exhibit 12 - Top Ten Hits Outside of the USA on sw-eng.falls-church.va.us

January 1997 - July 1997

Country Number of Hits
United Kingdom 35,290
Germany 26,922
France 23,684
Canada 23,293
Sweden 21,285
Australia 19,819
Spain 10,366
Japan 9,449
Netherlands 6,642
Switzerland 4,476

Public Ada Library (PAL)

The AJPO sponsors the Internet’s Public Ada Library (PAL). The PAL is a distributed library of Ada and VHDL software, courseware, and information that contains about 2 billion bytes of material. All items in the PAL have been released to the public with unlimited distribution and are freeware in most cases. The PAL can be accessed from the AdaIC Web site at ftp://sw-eng.falls-church.va.us/public/PAL. Over 827,000 files were transferred from the PAL site between 1993-1997. Exhibit 15 details the number of files downloaded from the PAL site since January of 1997. The AJPO has also sponsored several editions of a CD-ROM that contains the contents from the PAL. Several thousand copies of this CD-ROM have been distributed at software conferences such as the Software Technology Conference and TRI-Ada since 1995.

Exhibit 13 - PAL Usage Statistics


Month Number of PAL Files Transferred
January 45,312
February 98,581
March 70,115
April 55,191
May 54,047
June 37,561
July 42,183

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