AJPO Progress Report 1997

The AdaIC

The AdaIC continues to serve as the official source for Ada information.

More than 10,000 files, covering virtually every aspect of Ada programming, are available from the AdaIC Web site. The site has searchable on-line databases for compilers, tools and bindings, Ada courses, and Ada 95 projects. There is also a virtual library that provides a comprehensive collection of Ada articles, reports, textbooks, videos, information flyers, and CD-ROMs. In addition, there is information on Ada policy, resources, programming guidelines, working groups, and validation and evaluation test suites. Exhibit 9 provides details on the number of times the AdaIC Web site has been accessed each month since November of 1995.

Exhibit 9 - AdaIC Web Site Usage
Month Number of Hits
November '95 78,633
February '96 98,581
May '96 113,023
November '96 143,069
February '97 202,334
May '97 255,947

The AdaIC also operates a help desk, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time at 1-800-232-4211. Over the past two years, the AdaIC has responded to more than 15,000 inquiries into validation, policy, news and Ada events. The AdaIC now averages over 1,200 inquiries a month, a 100% increase since November of 1995. Exhibit 10 provides details on the number and type of hotline inquiries the AdaIC has fielded since 1995.

Exhibit 10 - AdaIC Help Desk Inquiries
Month Number of Inquiries
November '95 383
February '96 700
May '96 618
November '96 1021
February '97 1100
May '97 1300

In addition, the AdaIC sends out a quarterly newsletter to more than 22,000 subscribers, an increase of over 25% since November of 1995. The AdaIC News provides information about the AJPO and its programs, conferences, reports, reuse efforts, and successfully implemented Ada projects. The AdaIC also sends out weekly news briefs to the Ada community via e-mail.

In the past year, the AdaIC Web site has been honored for its content and appearance from the following organizations: Lycos Top 5%, Look Smart Editorís Choice, and Washington Web.

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