AJPO Progress Report 1997

Supporting Industry

The AJPO continues to work closely with industry to stimulate the development of Ada 95 tools, bindings, compilers, and training. Through innovative programs such as the Ada Technology Insertion Program-Partnerships (ATIP-P) and a strategic marketing plan, the AJPO educates thousands of programmers about the benefits of Ada 95 while putting new tools in the marketplace.

ATIP-P– Products for both DOD and the general marketplace

In this AJPO program, partnerships were formed among the DOD, Department of Energy, and 10 private sector companies. Together, the partners worked to stimulate utilization of the Ada 95 programming language within the government, academic, industrial, and research communities by bringing to market a variety of products that support the Ada programming language. Exhibit 7 provides a brief description of each product developed through the ATIP-P program.

Exhibit 7 - ATIP-P Projects
Stony Brook Ada 95
(Stony Brook Software)
Complete Ada 95 development system for DOS, 32- bit DOS extended, Win16, and Win32 applications development.

Ada 95 GUI Binding and Tools for Windows 95
Allows application developers to build Microsoft Windows 95 systems using Ada 95.

MIL-STD-1553B Bindings for Ada 95
(Noetic Software)
Thick bindings that provide a class library of data structures, operators, and objects to implement hardware/bus initialization, bus control, remote terminal, and bus monitor operations.

GNAT Ada 95 for Apple Macintosh MachTen
(Tenon Intersystems)
Provides additional training and development opportunities, commercial market opportunity on Macintosh hardware platforms.

DACS/ASIS-95 and Test Coverage Tool
Ada 95 products based on access to semantic Ada 95 information significantly reduce development costs by automating the process of structural testing and, thereby, reducing the amount of resources needed for software verification.

Acumentor/Orbix Ada
(Object Interface Systems, Inc)
Allows developers to create distributed applications based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG’s) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) standard.

AdaMentor 95 Computer Based Training Course
(Ada Soft)
Provides low-cost, authoritative, and comprehensive training in the new standard of the Ada language via a medium that is accessible to a growing, world-wide community of programmers.

Ada 95 Upgrade for VisualAge
(OC Systems)
Enables users to develop software applications by visually connecting software “parts” written in Ada 95 and C++.

(Intermetrics, Inc.)
Allows users to construct portable Java applets or applications using the Ada 95 language.

(WPL Laboratories)
Provides a browser and editor to support the creation and use of modeled Web sites.

Videos for executives and managers

In an effort to promote Ada 95 to leaders in the commercial sector, the AJPO sponsored two marketing videos, “Ada–The Language for a Complex World– for CEOs” and “Ada–The Language for a Complex World– for CTOs”. The AJPO has distributed over 3,500 videos since 1995 to Fortune 500 executives, managers, and educators across the country to illustrate the commercial benefits and proven successes of Ada.

Ada Jobs– connecting projects and people

The AJPO sponsors an Ada Jobs page on the AdaIC’s Web site where companies and organizations can post jobs for programmers with Ada experience. Currently, there are over 400 positions listed on this Web page, which receives an average of 500 hits per month.

Compiler Validation

Under the technical guidance and direction of the AJPO, the Ada Certification Body developed and maintained the compiler validation program to meet the needs of Ada 95 users. The program encompassed responsibility for the Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC) test suite and for formal testing procedures.

The AJPO oversaw the update and release of the Ada Validation Procedures and the ACVC test suite for use in validating Ada 95 compilers. In accordance with the planned transition to Ada 95, three versions of the suite were released, culminating with the release of ACVC Version 2.1. Since the release of the revised Ada standard and the accompanying test suites, the AJPO has issued certificates and registered 87 Ada 95 compilers for a wide variety of platforms. Each month, more compilers are validated and entered into the AJPO’s extensive database.

As part of its comprehensive Internet server, the AdaIC maintains a Web page with validation and testing resources. Assets available from this page include: searchable validated Ada compiler databases; full-text validated compiler database reports; information on freeware compilers and compilers currently under development; current validation testing procedures, test suites, and documentation; access to evaluative testing resources; and WebAda, a freeware Web-based Ada 95 development environment.

Exhibit 8 - Validated Ada 95 Compilers*
Month # of Validated Ada 95 Compilers
December '95 1
July '96 14
December '96 25
July '97 87

*In addition, there are 786 available validated compilers Ada 83 compilers.

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