AJPO Progress Report 1997

Supporting Academia

Developing and implementing programs that provide educators with materials and courseware to increase the use of Ada 95 has become a cornerstone of the AJPO’s mission. Since the inception of Ada 95, the AJPO has offered grants for universities to develop Ada 95 courseware, provided Ada 95 transition support for the Service Academies, and sponsored the development of training materials. These initiatives have coincided with an increase in the number of universities and institutions teaching Ada and the number of Ada courses available. Exhibits 4 and 5 illustrate the growth of Ada in both of these areas.

Exhibit 4 - Ada Courses Offered
Exhibit 5 - Institutions Offering Ada Courses
Month Courses Offered*
January '95 550
January '96 586
January '97 770
Month Institutions Offering Ada Courses*
January '95 302
January '96 323
January '97 442

*Includes Colleges/Universities, Commercial Trainers, and DOD Service Schools.

Supporting the Service Academies

The AJPO has taken an active role in providing assistance to the Service Academies as they transition their curriculum to Ada 95. Assistance is tailored to the needs and resources of each institution and ranges from mentoring to the provision of needed hardware and software. Recently, the AJPO worked with United States Military Academy, the Naval Postgraduate School, and the Air Force Academy as they incorporated Ada 95 into their curriculum.

Ada curriculum effort–Developing Ada 95 courseware

The DOD and the Ada community have benefited from an increasing supply of both undergraduate and graduate courseware in software engineering and Ada due in large part to the AJPO’s award of university grants over the past three years. The courseware initiative was designed to help the United States’ institutions of higher education produce a qualified software workforce for the 21st Century. Exhibit 6 is a list of the universities that received grants from the AJPO. Much of the resulting courseware is available to download from the AdaIC Web site.

Exhibit 6 - Ada 95 Courseware Awarded Through the AJPO's BAA Program
Auburn University
Migrating to Ada 95 in a series of 3 Computer Software Engineering Courses GRASP/Ada 95 Modification
Advanced topics in programming using Ada 95 as an example of a language oriented toward software engineering applications.

Brandeis University
Software Engineering with Ada 95
Intermediate/advanced course using Ada 95 to demonstrate software engineering principles, object-oriented techniques and programming with concurrency.

California Polytechnic State University
The Software Engineering Apprentice: A New Laboratory Approach to Ada Instruction
“Case studies” for students to study and explore software that exemplifies good software engineering practices.

Integrating Object-Oriented Concepts into the Undergraduate Curriculum Using Ada
Course uses Ada to introduce the fundamental concepts of object-oriented software development.

Drexel University
Real-Time Object-Oriented Design of Control Architectures
Matrix math package designed to give a robust tool-set of vector and matrix math routines to the Ada 95 programmer. Course intended to expand upon the advanced features of Ada such as tasking and designing generic units for software reuse.

Farleigh Dickinson University
Software Reuse with Ada Course
Software Library and Management System Software reuse course, using Ada as the primary language of instruction. The second project was the development of a local software repository.

Florida International
Data Structures Using Ada 95
Introduction to Ada 95: covers non-traditional issues such as computer hardware components, problem solving techniques, programming language issues, software engineering, and testing.

Ada-Based Two Semester Introductory Computer Science/Software/Systems Engineering Course
Course material designed to allow students to transition from a traditional Computer Science program into a Software Engineering curriculum.

George Mason University
Course in Real-Time Software Design Based on Ada 95
A course, formerly based on Ada 83, was changed to emphasize Ada 95 as the featured programming language.

Ada-Based Foundation Course for a Graduate Information Systems Program
A graduate level course, in which Ada replaces PASCAL, is a foundation course for students in Information Systems Management.

George Washington University
Ada Animation and Interaction
A course that introduces Ada into software engineering design.

North Carolina A&T University
Software Engineering and Software Reuse Courses Using Ada 95
Two courses developed to incorporate software reuse principles with Ada.

Oklahoma State University
Adopting Ada 95 for Computer Graphics Course
A computer graphics course that utilizes Ada 95 as the programming language.

Pennsylvania State University
Object-Oriented Programming and Software Engineering with Ada 95 and C++
Course intended to expand upon the advanced features of Ada such as tasking and designing generic units for software reuse.

SUNY Binghamton
Teaching Formal Methods Using Ada and Related Analysis and Synthesis Tools
Introduction to Ada 83 and a number of features of Ada 95, including the extensions that support object-oriented programming.

Texas Tech University
An Ada-Based Concepts of Programming Languages Course
A course was redesigned to incorporate Ada 95 as the primary programming language.

University of Alabama
Ada Curriculum Development Workshop
Ada Package Testing Tool
Workshops focusing on the Ada programming language and incorporating Ada into the undergraduate computer science curriculum.

University of Hawaii
Using Ada to Construct a Client and Server for the WWW: A Project Oriented Software Engineering Course
An advanced level software engineering course focusing on object-oriented programming, software reuse, and concurrent programming.

University of Illinois at Chicago
Software Engineering Course Sequence for Distributed and Real-Time Systems
A software engineering course that incorporates Ada 95 into discussions on distributed and real-time systems.

University of Maryland University College
An Advanced Course Sequence Based on Ada
Course that focuses on advanced aspects of computer science.

University of Montana
An Ada-Based Two-Year Breadth-First Curriculum
The AdaLab Project contains closed and open labs, papers, a free Ada 95 compiler, Ada-related Web links, and technical support.

University of North Dakota
Ada 95 Versus C++ in Teaching Object-Oriented S/W Engineering
A principle of software engineering course in two versions. One in C++ and the other in Ada 95. The merits using one language over the other were to be discussed after the courses concluded.

University of Scranton
Ada 95 Resources to Support and Improve a Breadth-First Approach to Computer Science 2
Ada 95 Data Structures Suite that includes freeware, courseware, packages, and more.

Virginia State University
Software and Information Engineering and Use of Ada
Course that presents software and information engineering principles with the use of Ada.

York College/CUNY
Software Engineering Course Sequence for Computer Majors
Part of a two-course sequence in Ada and Software Engineering for Information Systems Management majors.

Megaprogramming – Teaching Ada at high schools

The AJPO formed partnerships at the high school level by providing support for a megaprogramming in Ada course. Megaprogramming is a way to build a software system using components or building blocks rather than individual lines of code. Combining Ada with megaprogramming teaches students software engineering from the ground up.

Discovering Ada– Ada 95 Tutorial CD-ROM

The Discovering Ada CD-ROM is a multimedia tutorial CD-ROM that allows students and professionals to learn Ada 95 individually or in a group setting. The AJPO distributed over 7,000 Discovering Ada CD-ROMs from 1995-1997 to Service Schools, universities, and software developers.

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