AJPO Progress Report 1997

Supporting the Warfighter

The AJPO works with program managers and developers to ensure that the best Ada tools are available to build the software-intensive systems required by today’s warfighters. Through AJPO initiatives such as the Ada Technology Insertion Program (ATIP), the Ada 95 Transition Partnerships, AdaSAGE enhancements, and the Tools Loaner Program, the AJPO was able to jump-start the process of implementing Ada 95 in the Department of Defense (DOD).

Ada Technology Insertion Program– producing software tools for defense

Since 1988, the AJPO has been funding the development of the Ada tools, bindings, and libraries necessary to build DOD systems. Exhibit 1 is a list of Ada 95 products and tools developed through the AJPO’s ATIP program. Several of these tools are available for downloading from the AdaIC Web site.

Exhibit 1 - ATIP Products and Tools for Ada 95
  • Ada 95 Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Bindings
  • Ada 95 Numerical Algorithm Group (NAG) Library Bindings
  • POSIX/Ada Real-Time Bindings
  • Visual Ada 95 Compiler
  • Ada 95 to Java J Code Cross Compiler
  • GNAT Ada 95 Next Generation Real-Time CASE Toolset
  • Software Engineering Environment Translator to Ada 95
  • Object-Oriented Ada 95 Visual Workbench
  • Oracle Toolbar for Object-Oriented Workbench
  • Open Data Base Connectivity
  • Generic Ada Library
  • Ada Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • AV-8B Ada 95 Bombing Flight Demo
  • Collaborative Authoring System
  • Ada 95 Architecture for JTIDS NDA
  • Software System
  • Ada 95 Simulation Domain Architecture Frame
  • Computer Aided Prototyping System (CAPS) for Real-Time Ada 95

Ada 95 Transition Partnerships

Through the AJPO’s Ada 95 Transition Partnership Program, DOD project offices receive training and mentoring to help them convert existing DOD systems to Ada 95. A primary goal of this program is to quicken the maturity of Ada 95 tools and to demonstrate the applicability of Ada 95 to support defense software. In this program, the participating project team supplies the personnel, hardware, and environment, and is responsible for producing the software; the AJPO provides expert advice, training, and training materials. In this win-win program, project teams receive help from Ada 95 experts and the AJPO gains valuable lessons-learned about Ada 95. Exhibit 2 provides a complete list and descriptions of the Ada 95 Transition Partnership Supporting the Warfighter projects. Some of these projects have been completed and others are still ongoing. For more information about these efforts, please contact the AdaIC.

Exhibit 2 - Ada 95 Transition Partners
Existing World Wide Military Command and Control System was rewritten in Ada 95 and incorporated into the DISA Global Command and Control System (GCCS).

USN NRaD Software Support Activity System (SSAS)
Existing GCCS utility components in Ada 83 were rewritten in Ada 95.

Army Common Operating Environment
Existing GCCS components were converted to Ada 95 to take advantage of new language features.

Marine Corps Portable Recording System
Existing recording system was reengineered by implementing the system in Ada 95 to alleviate reliability and maintainability issues.

Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Automated Messaging Editing System
Existing defense messaging system was migrated upward from Ada 83 to Ada 95 to take advantage of new language features.

US Military Academy Ada 95 Curriculum Transition
The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at West Point migrated from Pascal to Ada 95 in their freshman-level programming class, with a phase-in to Ada 95 in higher-level courses to be accomplished over time.

US Naval Post Graduate School Ada 95 Curriculum Transition
The Computer Science Department at the Naval Post Graduate School implemented Ada 95 as the first computer language in its graduate education program.

US Air Force Academy Ada 95 Curriculum Transition
The Astronautics Department at the Air Force Academy converted their problem-solving curriculum to Ada 95 to take advantage of the new language features.

USAF AFTAC Special Studies Workstation
Existing procedural Ada 83 data display system was successfully converted to Ada 95.

Joint Advanced Strike Technology Program
JAST conducted Ada 95 Avionics technology demonstration and maturity assessment.

Joint Strike Fighter– Modified Mission Computer
Existing Operational Flight Program (OFP) written in Ada 83 was converted to Ada 95 to take advantage of the new language features.

Joint Strike Fighter Sensor Fusion Demo
Existing system responsible for providing an integrated pilot display of all sensor data was rewritten in Ada 95 to take advantage of new language features.

NSWC AEGIS Reengineering
Existing advanced combat systems and subsystems were converted from CMS-2 to Ada 95.

Air Force Financial Management Modernization System
A series of legacy Management Information Systems was reengineered into a single, comprehensive system using Ada 95 to take advantage of new language features.

Hanscom Air Force Base Modified Miniature Receive Terminal
A new signal processing system written in Ada 95 was interfaced with an upgrade of the legacy system Miniature Receive Terminal.

Ada 95 Transition Support– documents and guidelines to assist developers

To assist program managers charged with transitioning to Ada 95, the AJPO distributed copies of the following documents: Ada 95 Language Reference Manual, Ada 95 Rationale, Ada 95 Adoption Handbook, Ada 95 Transition Planning Guide, and Ada 95 Quality and Style. These resources provide excellent guidelines for the adoption of Ada 95 and the transition to Ada 95 from Ada 83 or from any other language. Exhibit 3 provides details on the number of these resource guides distributed by the AJPO since February 1995.

Exhibit 3 - Ada 95 Reports Distributed by the AJPO

February 1995 - July 1997

Report Title Printed
Transition Planning Guide 507 1311
Ada 95 Adoption Handbook 510 1103
Ada 95 Quality & Style Guide 88 2143
Ada 95 Language Reference Manual 3400 2600
Ada 95 Rationale 3400 2600

*Downloaded from the AdaIC Web site.

Ada Tools Loaner Program

The AJPO’s Ada Tools Loaner Program is a resource library of Ada software tools established to promote the development and use of Ada 95. These tools are available on loan to government organizations and contractors to allow them to thoroughly evaluate the technical merits of the tools currently available for Ada development.

AdaSAGE– enhancing a widely used development system

Under the direction of the AJPO, numerous technical enhancements were incorporated into the award-winning AdaSAGE development environment. AdaSAGE is a development environment designed to facilitate rapid and professional construction of systems in Ada by application developers. Management information systems (MIS) developers in each of the Services are using AdaSAGE to help them get their Ada applications on line quickly and reliably. Among the recent AJPO sponsored enhancements to AdaSAGE were visual object programming, integration with a commercial Windows editor, and HyperText Markup Language (HTML) documentation.

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