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AJPO Progress Report

Produced by:

The Ada Joint
Program Office

Table of Contents

Letter from the AJPO
An overview of the AJPO's programs and accomplishments.

Supporting the Warfighter
Working with program managers and developers to ensure that the best Ada tools are available for the warfighter.

Supporting Academia
Developing and implementing programs that provide educators with materials and courseware to increase the use of Ada 95.

Supporting Industry
Establishing partnerships with industry to stimulate the development of Ada 95 tools, bindings, compilers, and training.

The AdaIC
The official source for Ada information.

Promoting the benefits and use of Ada 95.

Letter from the AJPO

This Progress Report describes many of the Ada Joint Program Office’s (AJPO) programs and accomplishments since February of 1995, when Ada 95 became the world’s only object-oriented, internationally standardized computer programming language.

The standardization of Ada 95 was the result of several years of planning and development by the AJPO. However, the arrival of Ada 95 was not the end of the AJPO’s mission, but in many respects the beginning. The process of educating software developers, managers, and educators in government, industry, and academia about Ada 95 was and is a long term effort. This process has been ongoing since the rollout of Ada 95 and much progress has been made. In the past two years, the number of tools, compilers, classes, and actual projects developed in Ada 95 has steadily risen.

In this report you will find descriptions and the results of AJPO-sponsored projects developed with one common objective in mind: increase the use of Ada. With this goal in mind, the AJPO has worked to increase the use of Ada in government, academia, and industry. The programs described in this report :

  • Support program managers who develop information systems for the DOD. These programs include the Ada Technology Insertion Partnership, AdaSAGE enhancements, and the Technology Transfer Partnerships.

  • Encourage the teaching of Ada 95 at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school levels. These initiatives include support for the Service Academies, grants for universities to develop Ada courses, and supplying teaching materials such as CD-ROMs, textbooks, and inexpensive compilers.

  • Support industry by partnering with companies to develop Ada 95 tools, bindings, and compilers, and

  • Support all Ada 95 developers and managers by providing information about all aspects of Ada 95 through a variety of methods including the Ada Information Clearinghouse Web site, help desk, newsletter, and information flyers.

If you would like to obtain more detailed information about the AJPO and its programs, please contact the AdaIC at 1-800-232-4211 or send e-mail to adainfo@sw-eng.falls-church.va.us.

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