Chapter 2
Why Adopt Ada 95?

Summary Of Adoption Issues

What is Ada 95?

Ada 95 Builds Incrementally on Ada 83

Why Was Ada 95 Developed?

Why Use Ada 95 Over Ada 83?

Features and Benefits of Ada 95

Increased Functionality

Faster Development of Systems

Why Use Ada 95 Rather Than Language X?

Ada 95 Provides New and Unique Features

Moving from Procedural Languages: FORTRAN, C, COBOL, JOVIAL, CMS-2, etc.

Choosing among Object-Oriented Languages: Ada 95, C++, Smalltalk, etc.

Using with 4GLs: DBase, Focus, etc.

Trial Ada 95 Technology Available

Stability of the Ada 95 Definition

DOD's Policy on Ada 95

Figure 2: Early Use of Ada 95 Memorandum

Early Results of Using Ada 95

Support For Migration Systems and Multi-Language Development


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