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ACVC, Version 2.1

Information on Withdrawn Tests
This flyer provides a listing of the 19 tests that have been withdrawn from Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC), Version 2.1, as of September 17, 1997. Six of these tests are from the part of ACVC 2.1 that was retained from Ada 83 conformity testing, and so their rationales for withdrawal indicate changes between the two standards.

The Ada Validation Organization (AVO) withdraws tests from the ACVC when it is found that they are based on assumptions that may not hold true for all Ada implementations or that the test program does not meet its test objective. Detailed information about the Ada compiler validation process is contained in Ada Compiler Validation Procedures, Version 4.1. For more information on the ACVC and organizations invloved in validation testing, see the AdaIC flyers on "The Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC) Test Suites." and "Ada Certification Body."

Withdrawn Tests List


Line numbers are given relative to the start of a test file in the format of '@'; if a test program comprises more than one file, then the particular file will be indicated by "fn", where "n" is the test-program name's file-designator numeral. E.g., "B38103E : @f1-31, ... " denotes test file b38103e1.ada. In cases where there are two or more rationales for different errors in a test program, these different rationales with their respective line citations are listed on separate lines. References to the Ada 83 & Ada 95 standards are given in the format:


These references are to the Ada 95 standard unless "Ada83" is specified.

Withdrawn Tests, ACVC 2.1
B37312B + @42,58 is legal in Ada95 (3.8.1:7) (vs. RM83 3.7.3:3)
BXC6A03 + @117 applies pragma Volatile in violation of 13.1:10
C390010 + @163 violates 3.10.2:28--(Item.all & Subtype_Parent_Class_Access)
C392010 + @499 the dispatching order produces string "LqmKen", not "NqmNgn"
C390012 + @350 will raise Constraint_Error when a tag check fails
C42006A + @56,66,76 static literals must be rejected (4.9:35)
C48009A + @54 the static expression TA'(0) must be rejected (4.9:35)
C760007 + @161 wrongly expects at least one call to Adjust (7.6:21)
C760012 + @155,183 wrongly requires a component finalization order (7.6.1:9)
C761006 + expects Adjust to be called in Finalize_Test, but it need not be
C761008 + @280 reports Failed but is a possible handler for finalization's P_E
C761009 +
@562 has enum.value Task_Requeue_To_Task vice Task_Requeue_To_PO
@609,651 wrongly expects event Got_Program_Error
C9A005A + @180,192 aborted calls may be yet not cancelled (9.5.3:25, 9.8:15)
C9A008A + @94,191,288 aborted calls may be yet not cancelled (9.5.3:25, 9.8:15)
CXC3004 + @282 Attach_Handler raises P_E as per C.3.2:21, which is unintended
CXD4009 + expects a different order of execution than required by priorities
CXD5002 + @138 checks a task priority that may not yet be set (9.8:18, D.5:10)
CXDC001 + @131 doesn't allow for Tasking_Error being raised in activation
LA1001F + has a test objective that conflicts with AI95-00172/01

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