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Ada Policy

As indicated in the April 29, 1997, OASD Memorandum below, the DoD requirement to use Ada is in the process of being replaced. A number of the documents below are affected by such action. Other documents are retained here primarily for background purposes.

For those of you with questions in this area, there are Ada policy and waiver contacts for each of the three services, and for the independent components (such as DISA, etc...) Contact the AdaIC for information on finding suitable points of contact.

DoD Policy Statements, Plans, and Directives

0 April 29, 1997 OASD Memorandum on Use of the Ada Programming Language
A memorandum signed by Emmett Paige, Jr. on the revision DoD Directive 3405.1, "Computer Programming Language Policy," to eliminate the mandatory requirement for use of the Ada programming language in favor of an engineering approach to selection of the language to be used.
0Ada and Beyond: Software Policies for the Department of Defense
The National Research Council's (NRC) public briefing on November 1996 and subsequent report published in March 1997, both reviewing the current rationales for using Ada as the standard programming language of the DoD, discussing changes software engineering has encounted over the last twenty years since the establishment of the Ada program, and forecasting the future of Ada in the DoD.
0 5000 Documents
The final 5000 documents as approved by the USD(A&T), DOT&E, and ASD(C3I) on Wednesday, February 21, 1996.
0 Public Law 102-396
The FY91 - FY93 Congressional Ada Mandate.
0 DoD Directive 3405.1
Computer Programming Language Policy -- 1987.
0 ASD (C3I) Waiver-Guidance Memorandum
Ada waiver policies -- 1992.
0The Ada Dual-Use Program Plan
A plan to increase the use of Ada in defense, commerical, and educational applications.
0 Early Use of Ada 95
Hon Emmett Paige, Jr., Memo on Early Use of Ada 9X [Ada 95] -- 1994.
0 Ada and COTS
OASD memo on Ada and COTS products -- 1994.
0 Defense Acquisition Deskbook
An automated acquisition reference tool sponsored by OUSD (AR) and OUSD(A&T) API that provides DoD acquisition information for all services across all functional disciplines.
0 Software Executive Officials
DoD Instruction 5000.2 establishing senior-level SEOs.

0 Ada Implementation Plan
1992 HQDA LTR 25-92-1 outlining Army policy and guidelines for implmenting the Ada programming language. (Extended in succeeding years by HQDA Letters 25-93-1, 25-94-1, and 25-95-1.)

0 Ada Programming Language Policy
A copy of the 1994, SECNAV Instruction 5234.2A. on Ada implmentation in the development and maintenance of software for Navy systems.

0 Ada Implementation Guide, April 1994 Volume I. and Volume II.
Guidelines for implementing Ada in Navy projects.

Air Force:
**Note: Ada is covered in DoD Directives 3405.2 and 5000.2. (See above.)
Therefore, under the Air Force's Acquisition Streamlining, the documents listed
below were rescinded in November 1995. They are retained here for background information.

0 Interpretation of Public Law 101-511 Mandating the Ada Language
1991 memorandum to the Vice Chief of Staff, Major Command, and Field Operating Agency Commanders Program Executive Officers.
0 Air Force Policy on Programming Languages
1990 action memorandum containing Air Force policy statements, definitions, exemptions, and waiver information regarding Ada.
0 Ada Implementation Plan
A text version of the 1989 plan establishing the Air Force's commitment to Ada.

Marine Corps:

0 Marine Corps Ada Implementation Plan (AIP)
A 1988 document establishing a committment to Ada as the primary computer programming language for all Marine Corps computer software.

0 ISO Standard
Ada's Acceptance as ISO Standard -- 1987.
0 NATO Adopts Ada
Ada selected as the standard high-order progamming language in military systems -- 1985.
0 Ada Trademark Replaced by Certification Mark
Text of the AJPO announcement -- 1987.

History of Ada


0 Stoneman
The original requirements document for Ada Programming Support Environments, released in February 1980.
0 Steelman
The original requirements document for the Ada 83 computer programming language released in June 1978. Previous versions of this document include STRAWMAN, WOODENMAN, TINMAN, and IRONMAN.
0 Ada - The Project
A paper describing the early days of the development of Ada from the DoD High Order Language Working Group (HOLWG) project.
0 Naming of Ada
"The Real Ada, Countess of Lovelace."
0 The History of Ada
An article by Robert daCosta on the evolution of Ada.
0 Ada 9X Project News and Reports
Information related to the 1995 revision of the Ada language.

Past Speeches

0 Speech by Hon Emmet Paige at TRI-Ada 94
Keynote address at the November 8, 1994 conference.
0 Speech by Hon Emmet Paige
March 1994 remarks at the Twelfth Annual National Conference on Ada Technology, reaffirming the DoD's commitment to Ada.
0Speech by RADM Scott L. Spears
A presentation entitled "Ada and Software Engineering: Todays's Challange," from the March 1994 Twelfth Annual National Conference on Ada Technology.
0RADM Moore Updates ANCOAT Conference on Navy Ada Intiatives
March 1993 presentation covering Navy software intiatives and policies, with an emphasis on using Ada.