Overview and Features of the
Ada and Software Engineering Version 2 (ASE2) Library


The ASE2 Library is a Resource

It is available freely on the web (there are two websites) and it is also sold on CDROMs (which may be freely copied and placed on more websites). Users often want their own CDROM copies because of the convenience afforded by the CDROMs for getting to the large volume of information and software.

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Introduction and Availability

The ASE2 Library contains over 1.1G bytes of material on Ada and Software Engineering assembled through a collaboration with over 60 organizations. It is distributed freely on the World Wide Web via two main websites:

It is also marketed commercially on CDROM by Walnut Creek CDROM/BSDi, and these CDROMs are sold in bookstores, computer stores, and at conferences.

Details on these collaborations can be found in the ASE2 Library Bookcase and the readme and support files on the websites and cdroms. The ASE2 Card Catalog lists each contributor (by name and organization) for all the assets in the library.


As you can see by this image of the back cover of the current ASE CDROM (Update 3), there are over 370 assets of interest to the Ada and Software Engineering communities. These assets include, but are not limited to, the items listed on this back cover. Some statistics:
Measurement Value
Quantity of Material ASE02_01 CDROM -
3,880+ files / 327 folders
ASE02_02 CDROM -
1,090+ files / 293 folders
Language Compilers,
Translators, or Simulators
Ada83, Ada95, C, C++, FORTRAN, Objective C, Perl, TCL/TK, VHDL
Number of Courseware Items
(courses, workbooks, etc)
Number of Documents
Number of Software
Development Tools

Editor, Advisory Group, and Many Contributors

The ASE Library contains the combined work of thousands of individual contributors from hundreds of organizations. Richard Conn is the editor of the library, and he is supported by an advisory group (group members are named in this image). The Editor and Advisory Group donate their time and effort on a voluntary, non-funded basis.

Special Note for Walnut Creek CDROM

I have been delighted to develop a collaborative relationship with Walnut Creek CDROM/BSDi in the production of the commercial ASE CDROMs. In return for letting Walnut Creek have all income from the sales of the ASE CDROMs, Walnut Creek is providing the main ASE Library website, a number of complimentary copies of the ASE CDROMs, and substantial volume sales discounts to ACM/SIGAda's Ada Awareness Initiative and related activities. I wish to especially thank the following people at Walnut Creek CDROM for their efforts:
  • Robert Bruce, Owner and Founder
  • Christopher Shumway, Production Coordinator
  • Ellen Hsu, Production Artist
  • David Green, Webmaster

Distribution on Both the Web and CDROM

The ASE2 Library is presented as a web-based hyperdocument. It is designed to be distributed via a website or via CDROMs, and in both cases the presentation of the information is similar.

This is an example of the website presentation format. The CDROM presentation varies with each CDROM, depending on its features.

ASE2 Library Card Catalog - 1 of 2

The ASE2 Library Card Catalog Taxonomy (or Table of Contents) presents a hierarchical breakdown of the assets in the ASE2 Library. There are two versions of the AS2E Library Card Catalog:
  • A version for a website, in which links to every asset in the ASE2 Library are provided
  • Customized versions for each ASE2 Library CDROM, in which links only to those assets on the CDROM are provided along with descriptions of where to find the other assets

ASE2 Library Card Catalog - 2 of 2

The ASE2 Library Card Catalog Index presents an alphabetical breakdown of the assets in the ASE2 Library by asset name, author name, organization name, author-provided keywords, and ASE Library-supplied keywords. The index can be searched using a web browser's "find in current web page" function.

ASE2 Library Bookcase

The ASE2 Library Bookcase is a stand-alone part of the ASE2 Library designed to be published independently of the rest of the ASE2 Library on websites and copied onto PCs and workstations for local, individual use. It contains a large volume of reference material selected as being particularly useful to the practicing Ada software developer and the practicing Software Engineer.

Elements of the ASE2 Library Bookcase include:
  • The Ada User's Bookshelf
  • The Software Engineer's Bookshelf
  • The Special Reports Bookshelf
  • The Reference Bookshelf
    • Ada Website Pointers
    • CETUS Website Pointers
    • Software Engineering and Software Reuse Website Pointers